One and Only

(This is the sequel to 'My Biggest Surprise,' so read that first) Jess is still traumatized about her parent's death. The only people she has to help her get through with it are One Direction. When Harry gets in the way again, what will Jess do about it? Will she find out who killed her parents, or will it remain a mystery?


5. More clues to uncover

I woke up, and I was still in a hospital bed. Only, something was different. I looked around my room, and the room looked different. I felt something different though. Something just wasn't right. It was not the fact that I just got moved to the ICU (intensive care unit), but the fact that my mouth tasted of blood.

The nurse must have seen me awake, because she quickly jogged over to me. "Jess, you are awake. We were very worried about you. It seems your brain was shut down for a week. The reason why is that knife that was in your head, if it would've gotten any closer, your brain would have shut down for good." "How long was I asleep?" "Only a week. You have gotten a lot of visitors lately, by the way." "Thank you." "No problem, call me if you need me." Then she walked away.

Harry's POV

We have all been worried about Jess. We visit her whenever we have time to, but that can't be all the time. We still go to school you know.

We have been meeting up with the police to help solve the mystery on the killer. We looked through a lot of surveillance tapes from that costume store, and nothing came up. This person is tricky.

Atleast it is finally spring break. More time to keep up on Jess and the murder mystery. Today, me and the lads are collecting more information. The bad part is, there are no handprints on any of this stuff, because this person probably wore gloves or something.

At the police station, we met up with Joe, the officer that told Jess the news about her parents. He is one of the best, and he never goes down without a fight.

So far, we have death threats and the knife from the costume store. It is only a little bit, but atleast it is something. "So, you guys must have some information from the woods, I mean you were all there for a day or so, correct?" Joe asked us. "Yes, and we thought we killed those guys." I spoke up. "I guess there were more." "Well I guess so. That would explain the different handwritings."

We all stayed for about an hour, until Joe suggested something that we all didn't want to do, but we knew we had to. "I want to take a look at these mysterious woods. I've been to that place a few times, and I know my way around. Will you boys join me?"



Hey guys! I wanted to update again, because you guys are just awesome. And, I was bored, and my teeth hurt from my braces. This is the only way to get my mind off of them. Don't forget to like, favorite, and comment!!!!!!!! xoxo, Samantha <3

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