One and Only

(This is the sequel to 'My Biggest Surprise,' so read that first) Jess is still traumatized about her parent's death. The only people she has to help her get through with it are One Direction. When Harry gets in the way again, what will Jess do about it? Will she find out who killed her parents, or will it remain a mystery?


8. Even more?

Officer Joe's POV

It was just too quiet around here. I got Harry to keep his friends settled while I sneaked into the familiar house. There were muddy footprints leading to the basement. It just rained this morning, and the floor was still wet. I have to keep looking.

I searched every room in this house except for the basement. If there were people in this house, I wanted to catch them. The basement is the obvious place for them to be.

All of the rooms were clear, so I signaled the boys to come in. They walked in, guns in hand, not making a sound. We finally made our way to the basement.

Harry's POV

We walked down the stairs in a group. I was in the front next to Joe, because I want to see the look on this person's face when they are caught.

I turned around the corner, and the victims that got stabbed a week ago were alive, looking untouched and healthy. But, this time, there were more. There were atleast twenty people huddled in a circle around something. Joe got a little bit closer to see. When he turned around he mouthed, "knives."

This was not good at all.


Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter!!! One thing I need to tell you is that I'm starting to get writers block. I should really listen to music to get some inspiration. Or, if you want, comment and tell me what you think should happen. I might choose your idea, If I don't get rid of my writer's block. xoxo, Samantha <3

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