One and Only

(This is the sequel to 'My Biggest Surprise,' so read that first) Jess is still traumatized about her parent's death. The only people she has to help her get through with it are One Direction. When Harry gets in the way again, what will Jess do about it? Will she find out who killed her parents, or will it remain a mystery?


18. Dreams can become a reality

Jess's POV

"Ummm, right now? In front of all of you guys?" I asked. To be truthful with you, I have tried to sing plenty of times, locked up inside my room for hours. I recorded myself, but deleted it because it sounded like a cat dying. It was sad because my parents thought so as well.

"Yes, but if you are nervous, you can turn around." Harry said, clearly on Simon's side about this. "Fine." I finally agreed. "I guess I'll just sing Titanium, since that's really the only song I know." They all nodded excitedly, then I turned around.

*skip the song, because I'm too lazy to write the lyrics, sorry. I imagine Jess's voice sounds like Madilyn Bailey. If you don't know who I'm talking about, you can look her up on Youtube.*

I turned around again, scared of what I would see. I thought people would be covering their ears, and Simon telling me that I should get stepped on by a cow. It was the complete opposite of that. What I saw was everyone's jaw to the floor.

"I was that good?" I asked them. They all nodded, and Simon looked like he had no words. "Will you marry me?" Harry asked still astonished. "Maybe later." I answered him laughing. "Will you be my girlfriend then?" I smiled, nodded, ran over to Harry, and hugged him. So, my dreams can finally become a reality.

"So, Harry, Jess," Simon started to say. "Would you guys like to go to the studio tomorrow?" We nodded, and the girls and Liam congratulated us. That news made the rest of our night a blast.



Hey guys! Sorry for the short chappie! I thought about it, and there will only be about three chapters left. Sorry, but I couldn't really think of anything else to do. xoxo, Samantha <3




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