Traitor was the only word to describe her. We were best friends, until she started to kill my family. Why would my best friend do this? What had I done wrong? Jillian's world turns upside down when she realizes that her best friend is not the killer. Is her best friend dead? Is her best friend the killer? Read to find out.


1. Prologue

Jillian's P.O.V.

Traitor was the only word to describe her. Once the gun shot was heard, my husband fell to his knees in agony, soon later, you saw a trail of dried blood led to the disposal. My daughter (Penelopy), my two sons (Liam and Matthew), and my twin sister (Lanie) wept once their blindfolds were taken off and they saw the shattered glass, blood stains, and the guns held in the criminals' hand. I ran to my family and crouched down. I wiped my children's faces, and Olivia stepped behind me and before my family could say a word, a trigger was pulled and soon blood came flowing from my mouth. Livi was on a killing spree, and no one could stop her. 

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