Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


10. The Worrisome Run

Chapter 10: The Worrisome Run


          John not sure himself as he couldn't tell weather or not her leg was infected. "For now I'm not sure I need to wash down your leg and we'll see from there.", was his reply. He didn't want to say no she wouldn't lose her leg and get her hopes up too high and he didn't want to say yes and make her panic. He got a clothe and wet it with the bottle of water he had. He carefully wiped away all the dry blood that was on her leg and the blood around the wound. "John it's starting to hurt please stop.", she said reaching for him, "Hang on I have an idea.", he said going to the flight attendants section of the plane. There he looked around and got what he wanted.


          "John! I don't want wine! Not now! This isn't a date I am seriously hurt and you want to have a date!?", "No Katy! The last thing I want to do now is go on a date." Katy widened her eyes at him, "You don't want to go on a date with me?"  "No that's not what I..."  "Well you pretty much just said that!", Katy said cutting him off. "Katy..."  "No! Just go! I can do this myself.", she said making a disgusted face at the sight of her injury. "Fine! You know what?! I don't care fix it yourself!", he said throwing the wine bottle and walking off.


          "I can do this.", she said looking at her wound. She quickly turned away at the sight of it. "Oh...shoot...", with a shaking hand she took a grip on the metal and began to pull. A shearing pain ran through her entire leg, "Ahh! Ahh! Oh my!", tears began to stream down her cheeks from the amount of pain she was in. Some of the metal began coming out of her leg and blood was beginning to stream out of her wound again. "I can't do this!", she finally called out. Meanwhile John had wandered off into the jungle with rage building up inside of him. He stomped on the leaves that came in his path or violently hit them away. "What is wrong with her? What is her problem? Why did she even bring that in to the situation? It was irrelevant to what was going on...Whatever she's just another crazy girl."


          What John didn't know is there was a tiger in the distance...A fierce tiger that was feared by all who crossed it's path. This tiger began stalking John and seizing him up. "JOHN!", the tiger swiftly turned and cocked it's head as to where that dreadful screech was coming from. "JOHN!", the tiger heard again. He had enough and turned and trotted away.


          "JOHN!", Katy called again. John began running to the plane in fear that something happened to her while he left her alone. After all they were in the jungle there were wild animals everywhere here. John started beating himself up for leaving his wife alone in the jungle and having a pointless argument with her. "KATY!", John cried out, "KATY!"  "JOHN! Please help me!", now he began to worry even more. What happened to Katy in that short period of time he thought to himself.


          When he reached the plane he couldn't believe what he saw.

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