Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


13. The Quest

Chapter 13: The Quest


            John began to drag himself to the nearest seat which was to his right. He had to maneuver his way around Katy. “What are you doing?”, Katy asked him as she watched him try and get around her, “Well I am going to lift myself up with the help of that seat.”, he said to her directing his head to the seat he was heading for. “Oh…And then what?”, she asked him. “Well I am going to walk the best I can and get what I need to make a splint for my leg.”, he told her struggling to drag himself. Katy watching him struggle felt bad that he was doing this but she didn’t want to go out there it was the jungle and to her and any person, it’s unfamiliar and scary.


            “John if you want I’ll go.”, Katy thought to herself. She wished to have the confidence and bravery but she just didn’t. She didn’t know what was out there and she certainly didn’t want to encounter any wild animals…Especially a tiger. She feared tigers. She saw a nature show where a tiger was stalking it’s prey and it was cleverly hidden. Then it randomly jumped out from it’s hiding place and attacked it’s prey viciously and ate it.  Any wild animal would do this but for some odd reason seeing a tiger do this for some reason scarred her and that “beast” forever remained fresh in her mind.


            John now almost at the seat felt like he was making some progress. He was almost at the seat when he tripped over the empty bottle of wine and fell flat on his chest making a large “thump!” noise.


*Bad words.* 


            “John! Are you okay?!”, Katy called out worried about him. “No! Ugh…”, he struggled to get back up. He managed to get the strength to be able to pull himself towards the seat again. He began to breath heavily as he was in a lot of pain and he was frustrated over what had just happened. Finally he arrived at the seat and tried as hard as he could to lift himself up. Every move he made sent a pain shooting straight to his leg. He kept trying with all of his strength to get up and he finally managed to get up. He was bent over leaning on the seat but he was up. Katy looking at him feeling sympathetic said something she thought would never come out of her.


            “John I’ll go for you. Into the big scary jungle.”

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