Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


9. The Entrance and Breaking Free

Chapter 9: The Entrance and Breaking Free         


          John allowed his body to fall into the plane. He coughed because the smoke was so thick and black that it chocked you as soon as you breathed it and burned your lungs. It also smelled of something else. Something...dead. He looked and saw the captain covered in black from the smoke. The captain appeared to be a man in about his 40s. John looked at the rotting body and didn't have to think twice weather he was dead or not. He had to get the glasses off of the captain's face.He reached out a shaking hand and turned away and quickly grabbed the glasses and climbed out.


          The adrenaline was so intense and building up fast in John. He began to cough and bent over ready to throw up from what he had just done. Katy watching him asked if he was alright seeing the state he was in she became concerned. He walked over to her and showed her the glasses and explained the captain was dead. "Oh...Well are you going to get me out now?", Katy looked at him, 'Yeah...Yeah i am." He placed the glasses in the sun and on an angle that hit the belt. Nothing was happening. John getting frustrated was wondering his plan wasn't working. Katy eying the belt that was trapping her stated she thought it wasn't working because of the fact that the sun was setting. The sun was indeed setting and was just making it at the belt now. John agreed that, that could of been the case. He sat there upset that his plan failed. He wanted to impress her by freeing her and his plan failed, also he made it a quest to free her before dark. He didn't want her stuck in that seat for another moment. Also another issue was her leg. How deep did the metal go and was her leg infected?


          Katy sitting there thinking was wondering what was going to happen now. She looked at John's damaged leg, "John what happened to your leg?", He looked down at his leg to reveal multiple streams of blood, "Oh that's from kicking the plane's window." He realized his injury was worse from before. Katy sat in her seat staring at his leg then turned away. Because she was a girlie girl she couldn't handle most disgusting or freaky things. She leaned her head against the window and thought for a moment. Then it hit her, "John! I have an idea!", she bursted out loud. "And what's that?", John said playing with the glasses, "Your leg is all...Well is there still glass up there?" He gave her a puzzled look and answered that indeed and of course there is still glass up there. "Good go and get it."  "Why?"  "Because you can cut me free with the glass." she replied, "And then from there we can you know...See how bad my leg is and fix it up." John thought about this and was having a conflict in his head as to weather or not he wanted to go back up there. His mind said no but his reply was yes.


          He got up and walked out of the huge gap that was on the side of the plane. No idea how it tore open maybe the fire...Maybe the fall...Who knows? He walked on the left side of the plane and Katy watched him out of the window. He had a difficulty climbing it now as his leg was injured and it was in pain. On his seventh try he managed to get on the nose of the plane. He quickly climbed in and retrieved multiple pieces of glass. He as best he could rushed to Katy and showed her the different sizes. She observed them and said that, "That one.", pointing at a medium sized piece of glass. He grabbed an article of someone else's clothes and wrapped his hand in it. Then he proceeded to cut her out. He carefully slipped the glass under her belt and began sawing away at the belt. Katy becoming nervous kept telling him to be careful and to watch out. 'Katy, please stop. It's just making me nervous when you keep saying that and repeating it. I promise this glass won't come in contact with your skin." She looked at him deep in the eyes and said sighed an "Okay".


*8 minutes later*


          "There!" John said triumphantly. The belt finally split in two and Katy clapped her hands excitedly. John moved all the other shards of glass on one side of the plane and laid out pieces of clothing on the plane's floor. "What are you doing? Aren't you going to help me up?", she asked with concern as she knew she couldn't get up without help. "I'm laying out a place for you to lay. You need to lay down so i can access to your leg.", he pointed out to her. Once again she refused to use anything that was a "strangers' but John disregarded this. Once he was finished he walked back to Katy she realized she didn't have much choice and put her arm around his neck. He helped her up and she immediately began to feel the pain sink in, "Oh those Advil's weren't enough.", he stated walking over to his makeshift bed. He laid her down gently and observed her leg. "John.", he looked up at her for an instant then back to her leg, "Yes?" 


          "Am i going to lose me leg?", was her reply.      











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