Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


2. The Crash

 Chapter 2: The Crash        


          Katy couldn't find the voice to scream. She wasn't even able to make a sound. All she could do was stare at the ground below her terrified of what the next events would hold. As the plane was shaking and headed downwards Katy could hear the screams all around her. The lights began to flicker and she began to panic even more."Katy!" she could now hear John scream. "Katheryn!" she heard him scream but she was too horrified to look away from the window. He leaned over and took her face in his hands and didn't let go and made her stare at him. "Don't look anywhere else. Katy look at me okay? Keep looking at me!" She look at him with eyes of terror and just continued to stare at him like she was told.


          "Katy I love you. I love you and never forget that promise me!" She wasn't able to do anything she was in too much shock her body stopped functioning. All she could do was stare at him like she was told to do. Her body frozen in one position staring at her husband who had her face cupped in his hands so she couldn't look anywhere else but at him.


*Crash and a giant explosion of fire*


          Katy felt the abrupt crash and was now able to scream. She screamed and cried looking at the flames around her. She knew one thing for sure, this was a bad time and situation for your seat belt to get stuck.

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