Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


8. Shattered

Chapter 8: Shattered          


          He knew the odds of him busting down the door was very slim. It locked from the inside and opened outwards. He knew he somehow had to break the window of the plane. It wasn't a very big plane and he could easily climb the front of it. What to break the window with was the issue. "Katy, I'm going outside to look for something to break that glass with." She speculated for a moment and argued that it was a bad idea. He disregarded this and left the plane to look for the perfect object to shatter the window. "Maybe a big and heavy rock.", he thought to himself. he disregarded this as he didn't feel like carrying a large rock back with him to the plane and then having to manage to break the plane's window. Maybe multiple smaller rocks could do the trick and break the window if he continuously threw them at the window...or dropped them right on top.


          John walked threw shrubbery to find the perfect rocks...or more to say boulders. He found one boulder that seemed of good size and took it back to the plane. He didn't want to wander off to far into the jungle so he remained in a certain area. He found two more boulders and brought them back to the plane and set them down with the other boulder. He walked to the left side of the jungle now and found a fairly large boulder. It was too heavy to bring with him so he gave up not wanting to waste his energy. He continued his hunt and found another reasonable sized boulder and brought it back. Then he found the last boulder and was content. He placed two boulders side by side next to the plane making it easier for him to climb the front of the plane. He picked up a reasonably small boulder as he was tired from all the work he just did.


          He did his best to balance the boulder on the plane and then climbed up himself. Katy who could witness some of this insane action watched as best she could from her window but once he was on the nose of the plane she couldn't see him anymore. He looked inside the window and tried his best to see inside but it was covered in smoke. He bent down and picked up the boulder and dropped allowing it to smash against the window. This created a huge circular shaped crack to form and spread out. It was more effective then he thought it would be. Katy hearing the dropping of the rock and cracking glass became concerned as to what happened. She screamed his name but received no response. John jumped off the plane's nose and retrieved the next boulder and took time to balance it on the plane's nose. Katy watched this process and asked multiple time what he was doing but he blocked her out as he had a mission to do. He dropped this boulder and it proved to be quite affective because there was now a gap. Not big enough for a body but still there was progress.


          He decided to start kicking away the excess glass and the more he did the more Katy panicked. The amount of shattering glass she was hearing just made her panic and worry even more. "John!" She screamed as loud as she could but he was too focused on something else. Kicking this glass in big enough for his body to fit. The more he kicked away the more angrier he became but why? It was unknown as to where all this rage was coming from but the more glass he kicked away the more rage built up inside of him. Finally with one final kick he broke away most of the glass on the pilot's side. As he looked he realized he somewhat shredded his leg from all the broken glass and the amount he kicked away and because the glass was thick his leg felt an immense pain.


         Smoke rose from the captain's booth, John put his good leg in and was ready to enter the smokey abandoned plane.








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