Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


11. Patching Things Up

Chapter 11: Patching Things Up


          "What do I do?", Katy asked in sobbing. In her hand was the shrapnel that was trapped in her calf. It was full of blood and her calf was streaming out blood, "Katy oh my...", John couldn't finish his sentence he was in so much shock by what he was seeing. His wife pulled out the shrapnel that was in her leg...No not Katy she was too much of a girlie girl to do that. "John...I...I pulled it...I pulled it out.", she said in between sobs. John put his hand to his mouth thinking and not knowing what to do. "John I'm sorry.", she said sobbing. "I think...I think we need to make a tourniquet.", John told her. "No! There's a first aid kit over there get it and do something!", still sobbing and screaming because she was in such a panic.


          "Drink this", he said handing her the bottle of wine he threw earlier. "Why?"  "Well because in a survival book i read they say if your going to attend to a serious injury drink whiskey to get intoxicated and then you won't feel anything."  "But this is wine."  "Close enough now please start drinking so I can see what I have to work with here." She began taking sips from the bottle and sips turned into gulps. Soon she was intoxicated and giggling with joy. John looking and seeing what he had to work with went back to his wife, "Okay I'm ready to start the procedure.", he stated to her. In someone's luggage he found a mini sowing kit. When he found this he was surprised security let it pass through. He found gauze and gloves in the first aid kit which he kept close by in case he needed something extra.


          "Okay Katy I'm going to start fixing your leg so you need to be still. Okay?", Katy looked up at him and because she was intoxicated with spirits (alcohol) she replied, "Don't try anything on me Doc I am a married woman. See?", she said putting out her hand and revealing her weeding ring. "That's a very nice ring. Look I'm married too.", he said showing her his weeding ring. She began giggling and told him alright she was ready to get fixed up. He asked for the bottle of wine which he had to fight for because Katy refused to let him have it but finally she gave in as he convinced her there was poising in the wine. He put on the gloves and got out some gauze. He poured some wine on the gauze and began cleaning and disinfecting her wound with it, "Do you feel that? Any pain?", he asked her. "Feel what?", was her response. That's what he wanted to hear to make sure she wouldn't feel any of this.


          He took the needle and disinfected that and got some thread. "Okay I'm going to do some stitches now okay?", he asked her, "Do I need them Doc?"  "Yes I'm afraid so."  "Okay how many?", she asked giggling, "Quite a few.", was his response. "Cool it'll make an awesome scar...Will it affect my photo shoot? After all I am a famous pop star, the queen of pop (in my opinion she's the queen of pop), and I don't want this to get in the way." John looked at her and simply said, "Shall we get started?"


          "You know you look a lot like my husband.", she said to John. "Oh really? What's he like?", she looked up at him with her big blue eyes and stared off into the distance, "He's very kind and he's really smart. He's a singer like myself.", she said. "Oh really? Do him?", John asked her as he continued to sow her leg up. "Yes more than anyone in the world. He is the most special person to me and it would kill me to lose him...I feel so bad.", she began to cry now. "Hey what's wrong? Why are you crying?", he asked her stopping his work, "Because... fought with him over something stupid and...He left...He stormed off into the jungle...I miss him." John feeling bad said, "Wait here I'll go find him."  "If you do please tell him I said sorry."


          John walked out of the plane for a moment and walked back in. "Hey babe the doctor found me and told me to come here." She looked over at him and still in her drunken state she screamed his name and opened her arms for a hug. He reluctantly hugged her and told her the "doctor" said he could finish fixing her leg. Not wanting her to have a hangover in the morning he gave her water to drink and told her to take an Advil as they mix best with spirits. She laid there patiently looking out into the distance at the setting sun and watched afternoon turn into evening. She drifted off into a sleep and John finished his work as it began to get dark.


          He laid down next to his wife and fell asleep with her.









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