Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


6. Katy's Plan

Chapter 6: Katy's Plan         


          "The pilot! He had glasses." She said sniffling now because her crying had slowed down to a stop. "Katy enlighten me." John replied with crossed arms as he walked towards her and sat in front of her. "The pilot had glasses. That's almost the same thing as a magnifying glass so it should work just as efficiently. Go in the captains booth and get his glasses." John made a disgusted face. He did not feel comfortable touching or even seeing a dead body. He new this was the only way to get Katy out of her dilemma but he didn't want to retrieve glasses from a dead man who probably looked grotesque or mutilated. He had to though and he knew if it were him Katy would of done it...Wait...No she wouldn't she is too much of a girlie girl. She would scream and run off crying or worry about chipping her nail or ruining her new manicure. He did love her a lot and she was his wife so he was going to do it for her. "Okay wait here I'll go and get them." 


          John made his approach towards the captains booth. He felt the nerves build up inside of his stomach and sweat began on the side of his head. He took a nervous hold on the handle to the captains booth and pulled it downwards...Locked. "Great now what do I do?" He thought to himself. He looked over at Katy who lay in the chair with closed eyes resting. The sun was away from her face now and on her body from her stomach and down. Based on the position of the sun he assumed it was around 3:30. He wanted to get her out of that chair before dark. He tried the door again but it did not budge at all. "How do i open this?" He asked himself. He struggled some more with the handle hoping that the door would budge or willingly open but it didn't. It remained right where it was. Katy hearing all this commotion opened her eyes and looked at John, "The door is locked?" He stopped and let go of the handle, "Yeah it is. I don't know how to open the door."


          "Maybe there's a key?" He looked over at her and couldn't help but laugh. 'What?", she replied discombobulated (confused) and looked at him with big innocent eyes. He walked over to her and kissed and said, "Katy love, the door locks on the inside. There is no outer lock." "Oh! Well I wasn't aware of that." He chuckled and told her it was alright. She looked down at her leg and the immense amount of blood on it and around her wound. "John...What are we going to do about my leg?" He looked up at her with concerned eyes, "I don't know...Does it hurt?" "Yes a lot but I am trying to block out the pain. That's why I keep closing my eyes and trying to rest. I calms me down and I don't feel it as much." He looked around the destroyed plane, "I'm sure there are Tylenols or Advil or a Pain Killer somewhere on this plane. Maybe in someone's bag." He walked away and began pulling out bag after bag. He emptied out the contents of four bags with no luck. By the fifth bag he hoped there would be something to stop Katy's pain. He looked over at her and hoped as he emptied out the contents of the bag...He received a break.       

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