Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


5. An Unexpected Return

Chapter 5: An Unexpected Return         


          "Katy! Katy! Oh please, please wake up! Oh my your leg! Please don't be dead! I love you too much...God please let her be alive!" He stared looking at the sky in tears. Katy still in a daze from the warm sun on her face heard this and began slowly awaken to a familiar voice. She looked up with half open eyes, "John...?" He looked at her with a huge smile on his face and his tears changed from tears of sadness to joy withing an instant. He screamed her name and gave her a hug, she winced at this notion and remembered that her leg was badly injured. "John I'm stuck in this seat.", she said with tears in her eyes, "I reached for your bag after the crash because I thought you had a knife." She said in between sobs, "But when I weight tipped the plane and fell out of the tree!" She was sobbing by this time and he did his best to let her sob in his arms without hurting her but every move or position he tried made her wince in pain. "Don't worry we're going to find a way to get you out." He rummaged around the plane looking for a sharp object to cut Katy out of her seat. He read multiple books on survival...How hard could it be?


          He found a tin can of coffee, "This should work.", he thought to himself. "If i find something to remove the lid i can try and use that as a knife and cut her free." Katy trying to stare at him with the sun beating her face, "Is that?...Is that a can of coffee?..." He looked up at her, "Yes...Why do you ask?" Putting her hand up to her face to block the sun she replied, "Well I doubt we need coffee right now." He sighed and thought for a moment of an insult to say but then stopped himself. Realizing the state and condition she was in he figured an insult now would not be the right time. "I am going to take the lid off of this and use the sharp edge of it to cut you out." She raised a single eyebrow at him and his "genius" plan, "Oh really? How are you going to get the lid off?" This he hadn't thought of and he didn't want his plan to fail..."Well I'm not sure yet. Katy it's very technical." She breathed a deep sigh and responded with, "Why not look for your bag?"  "Because my bag doesn't have a knife in it you can't have knives on a plane, so i don't know why you thought I would have a knife in there." 


          With saddened eyes she looked up at the boiling sun feeling stupid now..."Well his plan isn't any better." She thought to herself. John couldn't find anything to use to cut her out and he couldn't just unbuckle her buckle it was jammed tight. Then the idea hit him! He needs to find a magnifying glass. He could use that against the sun and burn the buckle away. Katy looked up at him and switched hands as the other one was tired now from covering her face. "That's your thinking face." She stated. "Indeed it is. I am going to search for a magnifying glass and..." Before he could finish Katy stated his plan. This always annoyed him, whenever she cut him off. It made him feel like she was a mind reader. "Yeah...That's my plan." He began to look around to see if it was even possible that there could of been a magnifying glass on the plane. "John do you think there is even a magnifying glass on the plane?" He looked up at her and speculated, "She must be a mind reader!" he thought to himself. "I know!" Katy screamed in joy at HER genius plan.  

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