Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


12. A New Day

Chapter 12: A New Day


          Katy woke up to a warm body laying next to her and the bright sun. She looked over and saw John next to her sleeping looking peaceful. She was trying to remember what happened the day before. She remembered the crash, getting stuck in her seat which resulted in her falling out of a tree because she reached for John’s bag, she remembered the shrapnel stuck in her leg and John freeing her from her seat. She remembered her and John had a dispute which resulted in him leaving and her taking the shrapnel out of her leg, she remembered the amount of blood that was everywhere and John coming back to help her. The rest was a blur she couldn’t remember anything else.


            “My leg…It hurts a bit but how is it?”, she thought to herself. She sat up a bit and took a look at her leg. She realized it was sown back together but how and by who? When did this happen? Her thought process stopped as she heard John make a morning moan as he began to wake up. “Oh…My leg.”, he said as he held his right leg. “My goodness it hurts a lot.”, he began to moan in pain a bit and Katy watched. She remembered yesterday he had kicked away the glass to the window from the captain’s booth. “Maybe it’s from when you kicked in the window. That glass seemed pretty thick.”, she said to him. “Oh morning.”, he said trying to cover up in his voice that he was in pain, “Hey how’s your leg?”, he asked her looking at her leg. “It’s all sown up.”, she said to him.


            “John…What happened?”, she asked him a little dazed. “Well…Ah…I got you intoxicated and sowed up your leg.”, he told her. She looked at him discombobulated and he explained to her more in detail what happened.


            She looked at him with saddened eyes as she realized everything he had done for her. He loved her so much and felt like right now she didn’t deserve him. “Huh…John I don’t deserve you.”, she said to him with saddened eyes. “What? Why would you say that?”, he asked her in complete shock. “Because look at everything you have done for me so far and look at how in repay you and the thanks I give you. I yelled at you over nothing and took things too far with that fight. You can do much better than me.”, she finally said to him. She looked away with a distant look on her face.


            “Hey…”, he said to her nudging her to look at him, “Hey we deserve each other. I married you for a reason, because I love you. And it’s okay that you are getting more upset than usual. We were just in a plane crash and you just ripped a piece of metal out of your leg. It’s normal that your going to freak out once in awhile. I love you honey and nothing is going to change that.”, he told her and then kissed her. He winced in pain when they broke their kiss. “Well you helped me with my injury let me help you with yours.”, she said to him. “I think it’s dislocated or sprained.”


            John began to look at his leg and concluded it was a severe sprain. “I need to make a splint.”, he said to no one in particular, “I need two strong pieces of wood and something that can be used as a rope.”, he said looking at Katy, “I’m sure I can find all of that in the jungle. If I can just find a way to get up…” He began to lift himself up and winced in pain. “I would go get it for you but it’s the jungle and it’s you know…scary.”, Katy said to him. John feeling a pan of disappointment thought of everything he had done for her. Well Katy was a huge girly girl he didn’t expect her to even step foot out of the safety of the plane. “That’s fine I’ll try to get up again.”, he said. He began trying to lift himself but couldn’t bare the pain from the weight of his body. He plumped himself back down and was trying to think of a strategy to get up and get what he needed to fix his leg up. “Maybe if I pull myself up with something like a seat and then…I use a stick as a prop or a cane and walk like that and get what I need...”, John thought to himself.


            John thought of the plan and was going to put it into action, if it was possible.

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