Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


7. A Break

Chapter 7: A Break         


          In this bag there was Tylenol and Advil. He went back to Katy with both bottles and asked her which one she wanted. She looked and argued it was a stranger's medication and she refused to take it. John protested saying he was tired of seeing her in pain and wanted her to take at least two tablets (pills) from one of the bottles. He went back to the flight attendants area and found bottles of water there. He got a bottle and walked back to Katy, "Well? Tylenol or Advil?" she looked crossed her arms and replied, "Neither." "Katy please. I hate to see you in this condition." At this point she stopped responding to him. He opened the Advil bottle and shook out two pills and re closed the lid. Then he unscrewed the cap on the water bottle and knelt down in front of her. He went to kiss her and she cocked her head.


          "What your not going to kiss me now?" She giggled and allowed their lips to meet. "Thank you now please take the pills." She looked at him and once again refused as she didn't know who's pills they were and she didn't wish to take any. He turned away thinking of a way to get her to take these pills...Then he remembered something from a movie. In the film "Cops and Robinsons" the girl gives the guy bullets by putting the bullets in her mouth and kissing him passionately and he received the bullets from her in his mouth and was able to shoot the criminal. "Hey Katy..." He said turning his back to her. "Yes?"   "Look I'm sorry for making you upset. Can I have a kiss?" He asked her and quickly placed the two pills in his mouth." He turned around and looked at her and she smiled and said he could. He took a sip of water which puzzled her but she thought nothing of it. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. The pills left his mouth and into her's along with the water. Startled by this Katy realized what was going on and tried to spit out the pills but John placed his hand below her chin to keep her mouth shut forcing her to swallow the pills.


          *Many insults going back and forth*


          "I'm sorry Katy but I had to." He said sympathetically. "Just go away." she said still crying from the dispute they just currently had. He turned around and rummaged around for a blanket and pillow, but he couldn't seem to find any. He took of his jacket and put it over her, "Why are you giving me this?", She asked him, "Because your wearing a teensy weensy skirt and it get's cold at night in the jungle." He began walking away and Katy cried out for him not to leave. "I don't want you to go and I don't want to be alone at night in the jungle." He walked back up to her and took her in his arms, "It's okay I am not going to leave you." He began stroking her hair and allowed her to sob in his arms, 'Katy I'm sorry for forcing those pills down you." In between sniffles she replied, "It's okay were...only caring about me and...and trying to help me...feel better." He held her for another couple of minutes and then pulled away from her.


          The sun was starting to set and he wanted to get her out of the seat. He made it a task and quest to get her about before dark. There was two options he could do, break down the door or break the planes front glass window.






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