Inspired by Katy Perry's new hit and video "Roar", this story is about a woman who is in a plane crash and her husband dies because he is eaten by a tiger. This is the story of Katy and how she must survive in these primitive conditions.


1. The Plane Ride

 Chapter 1: The Plane Ride        


          Katy and her husband John bored the plane and sit in their seats. They are headed to Africa for a vacation. They need a break from their hectic lives. Katy is a beautiful young woman of 28 with shoulder length black hair that she has died multiple times. She had just about all the colors of the rainbow as her hair color. She sat there looking at her husband John with her bright blue eyes.


          John a man of 35 stared back at his wife with his deep brown eyes filled with love. He had brown curly untamable hair and enjoyed dressing casual and comfortable but his outfits always looked amazing and laid back. "Excited to go to Africa?" he turned and asked her. She looked at him and smiled "Yes of course. I'm excited to go on any trip with you." He loved seen her smile and pecked her nose, "Good." he replied with a big smile on his face.


          "Please fasten your seat belts the plane is ready to take off now." said the flight attendant. Katy fastened her seat belt and took out a gossip magazine to read. John fastened his and looked up at her, "Oh no!" he said laughing, "Not another trashy magazine." Katy looked up at him and replied, "Hey this is good stuff. It's not trashy!" he looked over at her and said "Your brain is going to turn to mush if you keep reading that." He said pointing at the magazine. "No it's not John." she replied continuing to enjoy the gossip that was being said in the magazine. "Katy, your not learning anything from that your just filling your pretty little head and very intelligent brain with trash." He said taking out his book on chaos theory. She looked over at his book and looked back her magazine. She felt embarrassed now and closed her magazine and began looking at John's book. He raised his head and lifted his eyebrow at his wife. "Is she really reading my book?" he thought..."Yes?" he asked her. "Oh! Just trying to understand this." she said laying on his shoulder staring at the odd images shown in the book. "Do you know what the butterfly effect is?" he asked her. "Yes of course I know what it is. Why do you ask?" He looked over at her leaning on his shoulder and replied, "Then you know the basic and example of what chaos theory."


          It was now night on the plane and the flight attendant had handed out pillows and blankets to everyone. John wasn't able to sleep so he continued reading his book; Katy however was tired and managed to fall asleep.


*20 minutes later*


          There was a jolt and everyone was awaken. The plane had lost control and oxygen masks flew out from the ceiling. Katy nervously looked over at John as he put the mask on for her. She looked with terrified eyes out of the window and realized they were headed downwards into a bushy place...a jungle.

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