Danielle Hinton is an 18 year old girl who is average looking and is very fun and carefree. after a bad breakup with her boyfriend Derek, she loses hope and doesn't look for romance. after sometime, on her 19th birthday to be exact; she meets the "Justin bieber". find out how their friendship slowly blossoms into something else.


3. tissues, romantic movie, and ice cream

I guess when I'm sad all I do is cry in my room while watching lovey dovey movies and eat ice cream all day long with a box of tissues by my side. These things are practically my best friends when I want to be alone. My friends keep calling me but I just ignore their calls and texts. My mom and dad are worried too, but they just go to work as usual. I miss Derek, but at the same time I really hate him. I will always hate him.

As I was watching "A Walk To Remember", I started to get sleepy. I tried to stay awake but I felt myself drifting off. I finally fell asleep after 5 minutes of trying to stay up.

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