Danielle Hinton is an 18 year old girl who is average looking and is very fun and carefree. after a bad breakup with her boyfriend Derek, she loses hope and doesn't look for romance. after sometime, on her 19th birthday to be exact; she meets the "Justin bieber". find out how their friendship slowly blossoms into something else.


2. the breakup

(my point of view)

Today is the day that I get to go to the fair with Derek. I am so excited! We are going to leave at 9 so we could get a fresh start. As I looked over at my clock I noticed that it was almost 8.

"Shit! I only have an hour to get ready!" I stumbled off my bed and ran through the double doors of my bathroom. I stripped down to nothing and jumped in the shower. I squirted my all time favorite love spell shampoo and started shampooing my hair. While showering I was singing roar by Katy Perry, it was an okay song. when I was done shampooing my hair I started scrubbing myself with my favorite body wash. finally after getting clean, I swiped a big bath towel from my rack and wrapped it around my petite body while dashing out of the shower. I went over to my walk in closet and scanned through my clothes. after 5 minutes I found high waisted shorts with a flowy purple top which were both from forever 21. After getting dressed I found my black combat boots and with socks. After getting all situated, I headed back to my bathroom. As I made my way in, I found my hair dryer and my curler. I dried my hair and then did simple curls. When I was done I did my makeup which was also simple. Finally done with myself, I went over to my mirror and looked at my reflection just so I could approve myself. After all that I went downstairs and waited in the living room for Derek to come and pick me up.

(Derek's point of view)

I was already five minutes away when I got a call from Danielle. She was getting on my nerves lately and pissing me off. I answered the phone.

Danielle: hey babe you almost here?

me: yea, just a few minutes away.

Danielle: okay love you! see you in a few.

me: yupp, bye.

When I hung up on her she didn't seem to notice that I was annoyed. She's so clueless to even see that I don't love her anymore and that I'm cheating on her. Well it's her bullshit that's pissing me off. All I'm doing wit her is fucking around with her heart and head. She's such a slut and a clueless bitch!

(my point of view)

After a few minutes Derek arrived and picked me up. I was happy to see him and all, but there was something wrong with him today. I couldn't seem to figure out what his problem was so I just asked him.

me: hey baby what's up?

him: nothing! he spat

me: are you sure? we could ditch the fair if you wanna do something else.

him: listen up bitch! im tired of trying to get rid of your ugly ass! you are too blind and fucked up to see that I don't love you anymore and that ive been cheating on you all along!

I just sat in shock at his words and grew quiet. how could he? I loved him very much and all I get in return is being cheated on? this is so messed up. after processing his words clearly, I could feel the tears slowly flowing down my cheeks. I wiped them away not wanting him to see me crying and also trying not to cry for a bastard who didn't deserve to let me have my tears fall. I waited a few minutes before I suddenly screamed at him.

me: you fucking bastard! I hate you and I will always hate you till the day I die! you are a worthless piece of shit!

after saying that, I felt a burning sensation on my left cheek. it took me by surprise.

Derek: get the fuck out of my fucking car you slut! if I ever see you again you will fucking regret living in this world!

I was so hurt but I didn't wanna show the bastard that I was weak and instead of crying again, I just punched him and got out. I slammed the door on his fingers as he tried to pull me back into the car and beat the hell out of me. after doing that I just ran and kept going.

(Derek's point of view)

it was finally over! im so happy now  that that bitch who doesn't deserve worth living in this world was gone. I hate her and Im not done with her yet. that hoe is finally gone and she deserves what she got.

(my point of view)

I guess its official now that me and Derek have broken up. im never going to fall in love again. that is my promise from now on.



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