Danielle Hinton is an 18 year old girl who is average looking and is very fun and carefree. after a bad breakup with her boyfriend Derek, she loses hope and doesn't look for romance. after sometime, on her 19th birthday to be exact; she meets the "Justin bieber". find out how their friendship slowly blossoms into something else.


1. getting to know me

Hey my name is Danielle and I'm 18 years old. I'm turning 19 in a few days though. I have long wavy brown hair and it comes down to my butt, I have dark brown eyes, my height is 5'11, I may be sporty at times but I usually just like dancing, I have 5 best friends named; Ari, Kirsten, Jade, Payton, and Meredith we've all been best friends since we were literally in diapers, I also have a boyfriend named Derek and we have been going out for 3 years now he's the only boy that I've been with for the longest. You could say that I love him and I'm pretty sure that he loves me too. I'm guessing that from my attitude, you may think that I am boring, but i'm not at all. I love partying and having fun! Being normal is pretty overrated. Anyways I hope you enjoy my life.

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