Information About Bullies

Here, you can find out about bullies and find a way to stop bullying before it even happens. You can give me questions, I'll tell you answers. This is for the Anti-Bullying Group.


6. Paintbrush: "Why is it hard not to ignore insults? Why is it so hard to just leave them?"

   It all really depends on the person. Some people are able to ignore little insults. Others like to think that most people like them (and there's nothing wrong with that), and they start to think maybe that's how everyone sees them. And others just don't want to be insulted, afraid everyone will turn against them.

   When listening to themselves being insulted, they can start to actually believe it. That's the reason that it's hard to let them go.

   However, it's really up to you if you're going to let the insults go or not.

   Hope this helped!

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