Information About Bullies

Here, you can find out about bullies and find a way to stop bullying before it even happens. You can give me questions, I'll tell you answers. This is for the Anti-Bullying Group.


8. Louis is mine! K?: Can you bully someone without knowing it? If you do, how do you stop?

   Yes, it is possible to bully someone without knowing it.

   How to stop it? Well, this includes multiple steps.

   1. Recognize the problem.

      See if you really are bullying someone. If so, who are you bullying?

   2. Plan.

      Plan what you're going to say to that person. Always remember to say how sorry you really are and say the truth.

   3. Apologize.

      Approach the person and say what you planned. This step is possibly the hardest. Always remember, the person may not accept your apology. And you can't force them to. Just try your best to make amends.

   4. Stop.

      This is the most important step. You need to stop bullying everyone. If you don't feel like you can do the other steps, just skip right to this one. Also, remember that bullying can be addicting, so you have to put extra effort in to this step.

   I really hope this helped!

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