Information About Bullies

Here, you can find out about bullies and find a way to stop bullying before it even happens. You can give me questions, I'll tell you answers. This is for the Anti-Bullying Group.


7. ~Apple~: "This boy won't stop annoying me! I tell him to stop but he just keeps doing it! It's really annoying! How do I stop it?"

   My best advice to you is to tell someone.

   This boy is probably just trying to be funny, and doesn't realize he's annoying you.

   If you tell an adult, then he'll probably realize how much he's really annoying you.

   However, if that doesn't work, then try just ignoring him. Usually, this will make him realize he's not getting a reaction out of you, and will stop.

   But, sometimes, the annoyingness won't stop. This is when you have to tell an adult again until he stops.

   Hope this helps! Sorry I didn't post your answer sooner.

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