Information About Bullies

Here, you can find out about bullies and find a way to stop bullying before it even happens. You can give me questions, I'll tell you answers. This is for the Anti-Bullying Group.


2. Apple Salad: "Why do bullies think it's funny when they tease you?"

   Honestly, the situation is different for every bully. But the thing I think is happening is this:

   Well, you know that joke you will sometimes make with a friend about an object that you think kinda stands out? ("This thing hates me!" "Why is this red, it would like so totally look better blue.") Well, my theory is that the same thing goes on with bullies, but instead of an object, they're making fun of you.

   But the truth is that most bullies don't even know that they're hurting you. They don't think they could hurt you.

   However, there's the rare bully that wants to hurt you and laugh about it. With those bullies, there are two options:

  1. They are having problems somewhere else and joke about you to make you feel bad, and they get a moment away from what's stressing them out.

  2. If it isn't that, then, in my opinon, they're raised wrong and just like seeing someone cry for their own amusement.

   I hope this helps, but if you're confused, please tell me what you're confused about and I'll try and explain.

   Till next time!

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