And I, am a Witch...

Zoe is a witch, nothing else. Well, she was a muggle, but only for like, 11 years. Zoe is really just an ordinary witch, no evil Malfoy, but no heroic Potter. When she is first sent to Hogwarts everything was as it should be, but now everything has changed...

Join Zoe, Ariana, and Scorpius on a race to save the past...

And maybe the present.


4. Not As Planned? As Planned As You Could Ever Be...

             I was led into another dark and airy room by the woman when I asked, "Where are we going?" She replied the same as last time, "You'll see." We kept walking, "Can you please just tell me where we are going?" I began to get impatient. "You, will, see." That was it, "I will see what? You can't see anything in this damn place! It's pitch black in here!" She flinched when I screamed. "Birthday girl, if you don't calm down... Something, something will happen." she spoke in a scared voice. "My name is Zoe." I growled. "And, what will happen if I'm the opposite of calm? What if I'm angry, and confused, and impatient? Will maybe the lights flicker? Revealing where your taking me?" The lights flickered. She jumped as they did, scared out of her wits. Good, I was beginning to spook her. Her scared tone changed back to her army like emotion, nothing.

            "Okay, Zoe. I advise you to shut up, because if you don't I have the authority to ruin your whole life." With that I shut up. She obviously knew more about me than the average party host. Thankfully, when the lights flickered I  saw a doorway up ahead. I calculated our steps until we were about to pass through the doorway. (compliments of my colorful words and numbers) (Let's call them my colors) I took a slight step to the right, causing my shoulder to ram into the side of the doorway. I winced in pain, but happily satisfied with my colors. The area was still very dark so I used my colors to see the area of the room. I was sat down in a metal chair that was supposed to be placed in the middle of the room. However, it was .5 centimeters off.

               The lights flicked on causing a dim glow. In front of me stood a tall man with worn black robes. On the robes was a small crest, which I couldn't make out because of the dim lighting. He also wore a peculiar necklace that looked like an hour glass. Now, I would bet you a million galleons on the name of that infamous necklace. Sadly, then I wasn't quite sure. It was vaguely familiar, but I couldn't place it. As I stared up at them waiting for, well, anything the man began to whisper to 'Commander.'

                   "She doesn't look like any Witch I've ever seen... Not even a muggle born!" I replied quickly, even though it wasn't my conversation. "Um excuse me. I believe it is quite rude to call someone ugly in the first place, but then right in front of their face? I don't think so. If you're going to call me 'ugly' behind my back, please have some class." He stared at me in shock, "Y-You heard that?" He looked to 'Commander' then back to me. "D-Did you hear," he gulped, "Everything?"

                   I shrugged, "Sure." "What, tell me what you heard." "Well, I heard you call me different. I looked different from any... other... witch..." I trailed off, my eyes widening. "Wait, am I a witch?" I laughed. "Why else would he compare you to a witch Zoe? He even compared you to a muggle born! Tell me I'm a witch! Please I'm begging you tell me I'm a witch." I pleaded him with my multicolored eyes. "Well, I'm not exactly sure what you are." he replied.

                   "Well then what am I?" I asked, my blood boiling. You can't just lead a Potterhead on like that. "I told you, I don't know." "Well then why am I here? Explain to me that!" Him and 'Commander' looked at each other hesitantly, but he began to tell me.

                  "Okay, Zoe Elizabeth Hood, we've been watching you since the day you were born... On the eve of the 17th of August the year 1998, we got wind that a very powerful witch had just been born. Our systems blew up because of you. People calling in telling us that they had seen no other like you. A young child beginning to walk, at the age of two days."

                "Mum told me I was a late bloomer! She said I began to walk at the age of three!" he glared at me. "Sorry, no more interruptions."

                     "You see Wizard and Witch children learn things earlier than the average muggle. But nothing compared to you. You began to talk the day you turned one week old. People began to realize you were full of old magic. Something, never seen before. They thought you were cursed. They began to space themselves from you. Anyone who was close to you and your family soon fled. Your mother obviously saw none of this. The disappearances, to her they were deaths, or they just moved. Your father saw though, he saw what was going on. You began reading at the age of one. However, it wasn't young ABC books, it was books like; Moby Dick, War and Peace, and so on. It wasn't until then you really caught our eye. We began to send a new agent every two months or so in to watch you. More carefully than before. We realized you had to have a hint, a drive if you will. To want to become a witch. Because, if you wanted to become a witch, you would only try harder to become one. With no one how to teach you these things, we had to plant something on you. Something that muggles believed was fiction. So, we found a close friend of mine, who had always been suspicious of me, to write of tales of a real Wizard. These events had previously occurred, but anyone involved was willing to help. She compiled these things, made notes everything, to 'create' a world in which was already there. I knew I could trust her because I think she knew the whole time, she was just waiting for me to trust her enough to tell her.  Do you think you can guess her name?"

                       I didn't need time to think, her was J.K. Rowling. "She was J.K. Rowling, greatest author of all time!" I exclaimed. "Yes," he replied. "But how do you think she came up with such descriptive characters? Do you really believe this all started in a cafe? On a napkin? No, this started with a meeting. But, that is besides the point. We had to make you want to become a witch. And with that became Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. One of the agents who was on the job at the time planted it in your backyard, knowing you would find it. You went into your backyard to retrieve your shoes from the day before. Is that correct?" I replied sheepishly, "I really don't remember much, just finding a peculiar book in the under a peculiar stone. I believe I was two or three at the time..." "You were two and a half. You picked it up and immediately began to read. With that came the rest. Then you turned eight. You met a muggle boy and befriended him. He showed you his room, you two laughed and played together. Then, you fell out of a second story window. Sources say it was like nothing they had seen before. Do you know you made a poor old muggle think he had gone mad? Then your tenth birthday came, you went to the planetarium with your mother. We watched, we waited for something spectacular, but nothing came. Only you fumbling around with the controls to the whole show. You messed it up, but you fixed it easily. How did you know exactly where to put things? This only made our suspicions grow stronger. So tell us, how did you fix the planetariums control settings?"

                       "Well, when I saw I messed it up I kind of mentally freaked out. Then, everything slowed down, except me and my colors." 'Commander' looked at me suspiciously, "What are your colors?" "Well, when I need to calculate things, or I don't know how to do something, my colors kick in. When everything slowed down I saw them. Words and numbers, sort of like instructions, showed me how to fix it. It's the same way how I knew when exactly to move to the right to hit my shoulder on the door. And how I know you tried to put this chair in the exact middle of this room. Also, I know the area of this room. And volume, but that's for another time." She eyed me suspiciously once more, what was her problem? "Prove it." "Okay, when the lights flickered I saw the doorway, my colors told me the number of steps it would take for us the reach the door. So while you were talking about ruining my life, I was counting the steps in which we were walking. They also told me that the area of this room is 24 cubic meters and that you were .5 centimeters off from placing the chair in the smack middle. And as I explained its how I fixed the controls in the planetarium."

                       "They were right."  The man whispered, to himself. "There's no point in whispering to yourself or others in front of me, I can hear everything that you say." He looked at me bewildered, "Exactly! You were not planned by nature! Nature was preparing for something big, but not you. You were not planned. They thought they had it all under control! But they didn't! Thank you Zoe for your time and patience. You will be receiving your Hogwarts letter shortly." he bent over to my ear, "Here's a note from McGonogall, she had a few questions herself. Don't worry about the owl, just have your reply ready soon. The owl that delivers your letter will return it to Professor."

                       "I just have one question." I began, "How long have we been in here becau-" 'Commander' cut me off, "No need to worry about time, we've got it all under control." With that they vanished. Then the walls, then the chair. I was back in the room full of party guests. They were all handing me presents and congratulating me on my amazing win. I began to think the whole conversation was a dream, until I looked down. Tucked under my arm was a letter from Professor McGonogall.

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