And I, am a Witch...

Zoe is a witch, nothing else. Well, she was a muggle, but only for like, 11 years. Zoe is really just an ordinary witch, no evil Malfoy, but no heroic Potter. When she is first sent to Hogwarts everything was as it should be, but now everything has changed...

Join Zoe, Ariana, and Scorpius on a race to save the past...

And maybe the present.


3. Can't Hit Me...

Okay. So now we're here on the day I turned eleven. It wasn't a day like you think it should've been. No mother waking you up by "Honey! Get up it's your birthday! But oh wait stay in bed, I've made you breakfast in bed!" Here's how it really went...

"ZOE!" I groaned. "ZOE! Get up your officially eleven now!" She screamed up the stairs. "I don't wanna get up!" I yelled back. Ever since I kept going on and on about Hogwarts we've drifted apart. Also, now that I'm older it's harder and harder for her to uphold without my dad. Wherever, (or whenever) he is.

"Get up now Zoe, I have a surprise for you!" She yelled sounding at bit mad now. "I'm up I'm up." I replied groggily, jumping out of bed. I hobbled down the stairs and into the kitchen. "What's the big surprise?" I asked, now fully awake. You'll see soon. Go upstairs and get dressed. Not too fancy just casual." "Okay," I started."Wait where's Thomas?" I asked suspiciously. "I don't know where he is, why would I know? I don't stalk him you know Zoe." I sighed sadly. "Alright, but he always comes over early in the morning on my birthday." I dragged myself up the stairs and started to get dressed.

~30 Minutes Later~

"Zoe, come on we're going to be late." "Late for what?" I questioned, trying to get something about this 'secret' out of her. We passed all sorts of buildings that weren't familiar to me at all, if never seen this bit of town before. "Mum. Where are we? Do you even know where we are?" "Yes Zoe I know where we are. Now shush." After that she wouldn't say anything, in fear of spilling the green beans. That's the saying isn't it? Oh well.

My mum parked the car in the parking lot of an old abandoned warehouse. I was really creeped out by this, what did my mum want to do with me? She seemed to read my thoughts when she said, "Don't worry Zoe. I'm not going to kill you or anything like that." I exhaled. Now why were we here? We walked up to the big building and came to a stop at a door. My mom knocked on the door five times to a certain rhythm. Someone in a dark mask and dark clothes opened it slowly. She led me into the dark space and sat me down on a chair.

Another person with dark clothes and a mask wheeled a giant box into the room. I heard faint music, but I didn't know where it was coming from. Because of the faint lighting in the room I couldn't tell what the box looked like. However, it seemed to be pink with blue polka dots.

As my eyes adjusted to the lighting noticed not things around me. Dark figures huddled in corners turned away from me. "Mum?" I asked completely scared now. "Just calm down Zoe, everything will be alright." He replied in a creepy voice.

This was the last time I had a big blowout party. Mum and I grew apart ever since that day. My only real friends are Thomas, Scorpius, and Ariana. Although, Thomas and I are growing apart. He thinks I go to a snooty rich kid school. While Hogwarts is a castle, it's basically free admission! Without the supply list. It's really hard to convert Muggle money to Wizard money. You don't learn that in Grade School.

All of a sudden the giant box popped open with Thomas inside. He began to sing a melodic birthday song. Back then he had a good voice too, just more high pitched. I jumped in my chair as more people began popping out of nowhere. The dark figures in the corners were my friends and family, and the people in dark clothes were Thomas' parents.

The look of Horror on my face turned to joy. "You guys!" I exclaimed. "You didn't have to do this!" Thomas had a surprised and sassy look on his face, "We didn't have to do this?!? We didn't have to do this?!?" He repeated in a sarcastically angry tone. "You mean we just spent hours working on this surprise... For a fricking 'You didn't have to do this!'!" "Thomas," his mother scolded him, "Language." I looked at him in horror, was he really mad at me? He seemed to see my dilemma and gave me a hug. "Babe, you really think I'm mad at you? Happy birthday." He whispered in my ear so only I could hear. We pulled apart and he clapped loudly. "But!" He said, trying to be excitingly mysterious. "That is not all for the surprise..." He left us hanging, well me hanging. They all knew what was going on. "We have... Indoor laser tag!" He shouted.

All of a sudden people in glow in the dark "army camo" suits rushed in. They suited us all up in the same gear as them. A girl with pink hair asked me, "What's your favorite color birthday girl?" I told her my favorite color was maroon. "Isn't that a little boyish?" She asked. "No." I replied sternly, maroon was my favorite color because of Gryffindor.

She handed me a gun and pushed a button on my jacket, I flashed maroon. "Everyone suited up?" She shouted, she must be the commander. "CLEAR!" A yell from all different voices drifted through the hall. "BEGIN!" She yelled, "Good luck birthday girl, you'll need it." With that she ran off into the flashing lights.

"Every man for himself!" A maniac in lime green "camo" shouted shooting in all directions. He ran into a wall that didn't seem to be there a second ago. I saw Thomas up ahead, I could tell it was him. "Thomas!" I yelled approaching him. "Damn. How'd you know?" He asked in a crouching position. "Because you're the only person in here whose favorite color is rainbow." He was so stupid for saying that, that's his least favorite color; rainbow. He hates the idea that 6 colors can be called one.

My vest vibrated but I didn't hear a ding. Someone must've hit me, but it didn't count. 'Maybe I have a lucky vest.'

That was what I thought then. Now I know it was just one of my many, tricks.

I ran off shooting left and right. Everyone tried to shoot at me, but nothing counted. As a woman like robotic voice came over the loudspeaker my gear powered down. "Attention. Attention. The war is over. We have a victor. With 500 hits to others, and 0 getting hits. She wins. Thank you." It signed off. My vest started buzzing and flashing maroon. "What's happening what's going on?!?" I asked in an alarmed confused voice. "You'll see soon." The girl who suited me up replied...

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