Like Water

A boy and a girl travel cross-country to one another, trying to decide whether to run away from their family and religion to marry.



He hadn’t thought a lot about his faith growing up. It had been handed to him; like a gracious right on a silver spoon. He’d never questioned the foods he couldn’t eat, or if their god was not the right god. He had just followed collectively. Now he was thinking about what would happen if he married Vidhi like he said he would. He would always be Jewish, in his blood, but not necessarily religiously. Was it right to sacrifice your belief system for someone else? Would she resent him if she had to give up her own? Her family might renounce her and maybe his own family him too. They’d both agreed, but that was just words.

Now, came the actions. He was sitting in the taxi to the wedding reception, Las Vegas. He knew she would think it would be a drive-way marriage, or something tacky. But he’d booked it in advance, and settled the paper work. He’d told her all they had to do was turn up, and they’d be married.

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