Like Water

A boy and a girl travel cross-country to one another, trying to decide whether to run away from their family and religion to marry.



Vidhi was thinking about the part in Hindu marriage traditions where they say "Let all the learned persons present here know, we are accepting each other willingly, voluntarily and pleasantly. Our hearts are concordant and united like water.”

It had been this that had convinced her in the moment he had suggested it, so out of the blue, to say yes. Despite everything, religions and likenesses, families and futures, she believed the phrase suited them perfectly.

They had united against all odds, like tough streams fighting to the same salted sea. They had the idea when they finally met, past long winding rivers and valleys and layers of volcanic rock, it would be over. It wouldn’t. In fact, it would be even tougher to stick together in the vast, cruel sea.

That didn’t mean they couldn’t try, though. 

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