The Secret

Heather lives in a huge house with her dad, brother Michael, sister Kaylen, and other sister Sara. Her mom died 3 months ago but shes strong. But there's a huge secret, that only her mom new. She was a WITCH. And she was the biggest freak in school and now she was about to be an even bigger one not even her friends weren't going to want to talk to her. Was she going to control her powers and get her friends back or was she going to destroy the world and die?


4. Chapter 4


I paced my room thinking, how is this happening, why wasn't I told about this, how doesn't my adoptive sisters have powers too. It was about a million million questions that I just couldn't fine this answers too. My dad didn't seem to know my brother wasn't home and one of my sisters, thought this was the coolest thing she ever saw, and my baby sister didn't even realize she was making thing move to other place like to her and down stair and I plus my dad, we were both to preoccupied by other thing like why is was happening to us than to realize it was happening constantly. I wanted to run around the neighborhood screaming, but I knew that wasn't going to end well I was probably going to end up in an insane asylum, by this point I could have been making this whole thing up and I'm about to go to an insane asylum right now and that was why my dad was in his room and I hadn't seem him for a very long time because she was giving all my information away to the people who worked their and they were coming to get me right now. "Heather, Kaylen, we can't tell anyone about this or they'll take both of you away from me" my dad said. Ok so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be tell us this if I made the whole thing up, I hope. I kicked everyone out of my room and just messed with stuff in it like a two year old in a toy store. I got on the computer but there wasn't much to do so I just go in my pajamas and crawled I bed. Still thinking about all of my wonderfully annoying questions floating around I my head.

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