The Secret

Heather lives in a huge house with her dad, brother Michael, sister Kaylen, and other sister Sara. Her mom died 3 months ago but shes strong. But there's a huge secret, that only her mom new. She was a WITCH. And she was the biggest freak in school and now she was about to be an even bigger one not even her friends weren't going to want to talk to her. Was she going to control her powers and get her friends back or was she going to destroy the world and die?


3. Chapter 3


Kaylen came in my room and asked me what i was doing home. I told her and see just looked at me like i was a freak. She told me a story and used her hands when, she was talking about a car race and i don't no how she didn't freak out about what i told her and then tell me the story but what ever. Kaylen stopped looked at me and said, "look what i can do'' and threw her hand straight out in front of her and threw off all my stuff from my shelf off and i froze it. '' how'd you do that" I asked. "I don't know I just did it after you left today but I'm able to bit it all back" she said as she waived her hand at it. Michael came in and stares at us. "So um... I can read everyone's minds" he said. I stood up "what the heck is going on" I yelled throwing my hand up. Michael and Kaylen froze, I through my hand at them again and they unfroze. "You can freeze stuff, cool!" Kaylen yelled. "No, not cool scary"

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