The Secret

Heather lives in a huge house with her dad, brother Michael, sister Kaylen, and other sister Sara. Her mom died 3 months ago but shes strong. But there's a huge secret, that only her mom new. She was a WITCH. And she was the biggest freak in school and now she was about to be an even bigger one not even her friends weren't going to want to talk to her. Was she going to control her powers and get her friends back or was she going to destroy the world and die?


2. Chapter 2


I woke took a shower and got dressed, I put my makeup on and then did my hair. When i was done i packed up my bag and walk out the door to the bus stop and got on the bus. I went to 1st period and bumped into Kaitlyn. "Oh, look girls its the freak'' She laughed with her two best friends Marcy and Emily. "Stop, calling my a freak, i no more a freak then you'' i said throwing my arms out. All of a sudden Kaitlyn and her friends were frozen. I ran to the fount office and asked to call my dad. They gave my the phone and i waited for him to answer. "Hello'' he said. "Hi, Dad, something freaky is going on'' i said almost screaming in the phone. I walked away from the desk were the lady was as Dad said ''Like, What.'' ''Like, i just froze Kaitlyn Spears.'' it was quiet for a bit then he said he would pick me up. Went back to class and waited for him to come get me. When he did, he took me home i went up to my room to find out what was going on and it didn't look like i was going to.

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