The Secret

Heather lives in a huge house with her dad, brother Michael, sister Kaylen, and other sister Sara. Her mom died 3 months ago but shes strong. But there's a huge secret, that only her mom new. She was a WITCH. And she was the biggest freak in school and now she was about to be an even bigger one not even her friends weren't going to want to talk to her. Was she going to control her powers and get her friends back or was she going to destroy the world and die?


1. Chapter 1


The last bell rang for 8th period. I was in science with my best friend Tiffany, she sat right next to me but Mrs. Ayers said she would move us if we didn't stop talking in class (Like that was going to happen). I grabbed my backpack and Tiffany and i walked down from our class to the buses. I got on the bus and walked to my seat and sat down. Yasmine sat down next to me after a while I could see she was mad. But since I've known her for so long I know that she won't answer you. I listened to music until we came to my bus stop. I got off and walked to yasmine's house with her and got on my scooter and rode it until i got to the steps of my front porch and put it on the opposite side of the bench from which you walk pass when you come in. I walked in with my bag on my back and went into the kitchen and grabbed a cupcake. I walked upstairs to my 2 year old sister's room. She, my 2 month old sister and their babysitter was in her room playing with her dolls. I payed the babysitter for the day and she said goodbye to all of us and left. "So, what'd you do today." I asked. She told me, they played games and eat. She followed me into my room telling my about her day. She was two so most of the words, I couldn't really understand but it wasn't like I was listening. When she was done, I was sitting at my desk on my computer. "What are you doing, Heather." Kaylen asked. "Homework" i said showing the screen to her. "Cool, can you play the song'' She asked. "Yes" I said. The song was "light 'em up'', but again she was two so she couldn't really say that. I turned it on and she danced around my room. She reminded me of my old friend, Kaitlyn Spears. She loves to dance and is so crazy, but she hates me. I don't know why because she just called me in the middle of the summer and said "I'm not friends with you anymore". But I didn't care because i had tones of other friends, I didn't need or want her. I live with my dad, my brother Michael, my 2 year old sister Kaylen, and my 2 month old sister (Who was in her room) Sara. My mom died in a car accident a week after school started and that's how i got my sisters. Let me explain, my mom had a friend who was kaylen and Sara's mom. Their mom and my mom were best friends. Their mom got sick and died, and my mom was the godmother. My mom got in the accident on the way to pick them up from school. And thats how we got them. But i love them like their my blood sisters. When i was done with my homework, i got on Facebook, i was on my dad profile reading a funny picture, i scrolled to the top of the page. "Its daddy" Kaylen yelled over the music. "Yep" i said turning the music off. "Aww'' Kaylen said, "Why'd you turn off the music?" "because" i said "I've heard it to many times now" She walked out of my room and down the way to her's. i walked into Sara's room and saw she was awake. i pulled her crib from her room to mine and put her next to my bed. Kaylen came back in with her teddy she named after my best friend Tiffany but we all call her Tiff  so that's what she named it. "Can we watch the meatball movie" she asked. "Sure'' i said. Kaylen climbed up on my bed and i grabbed the apple T.V. remote off my night stand and turned the movie on. Almost 10 minutes after the movie started, my dad and Michael walked up. "Hi.'' my dad said. "DADDY!!!" Kaylen yelled. "Hi dad'' i said picking up Sara so dad could see her. ''Hi sweetie'' Dad said to Kaylen as he took Sara from my arms, after taking Sara he kissed me on the head, then did the same to Kaylen. He kissed Sara and gave her back to to me. "Can i go to Tiff's this weekend'' i asked as Michael walked into my room to say "hi'' to all of us. ''No'' Dad said walking out of my room. ''What, Why'' i asked walking after him giving Michael Sara as i still walked after my dad and Michael put her in her crib. ''Because, i said so'' Dad said walking into his room to work. I really hated when he said that. I wasn't aloud to go in his room when he was working. I walked back to my room and finished watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with Kaylen and Sara.

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