*Protecters. Highly engineered humanoids made to protect the important. Only top of the line importance, such as the President. Or people who know about Quincy.*

Quincy: Possible THE most important thing on the planet. Reason why: You'll see.

In a dystopian environment 3,000 years later, slaves come back, technology is advance, and things are created. Things like Kira, a highly powered humanoid meant to protect one person and one only.

Kira: A one-of-a-kind breed of protecter meant to protect Reese.

Reese: A 15 year old boy who has his life changed forever because of one wrong turn.

Year: 5,076


1. Kira p.o.v.

"Who are you?" He asked hoarsely, sitting up. I simply stared at him, my computer analyzing him.

"Who are you? And where am I?" Reese repeated, stronger this time.

*NAME: Reese Jones

AGE: 15




I.Q: 130

MOOD: Frazzled

REASON FOR PROTECTER: Knows about Quincy.

MISSION: Take him to Australia for questioning.*

My computer (known as C.A.D.) dinged, the information flooding my mainstream.

"Reese Jones. I am mark E372. I am your protecter." I replied automatically.

"What? No. I don't have a protecter. I'm not important. I'm a normal kid. Where am I anyway?" He yawned, looking around. Humans. Disbelieving. Irrelevant.

"Institution I49. Chip inserted successfully." I answered.

"Why am I at the institution?" He asked frantically.


"E372. Silent." My creator, Jacob Sinsfield, commanded, entering the room. My speech module instantly shut down, and I moved respectfully to the corner of the room.

"Hello Reese. How are you feeling?" Jacob asked in a sincere voice.

"Just fine. But what am I doing here?  Where are my mom and sister? Who is she and why does she talk like that?" Reese blurted all at once.

"Ah, yes. Reese, this is E372, also known as Kira. Our latest and most advanced protecter. One-of-a-kind. You will always feel safe and the mission will be fulfilled successfully. Isn't that correct, Kira?" Jacob confirmed, naming me on the spot. 

"Mission accepted." I replied before going mute again.

"I must adjust your speaking module before you leave. To make Reese more comfortable." Jacob mumbled to himself. He walked over to me and peeled the sinthetic skin from around my neck. In a few minutes, he had finished with my speech module and had put the skin back in place. The skin grafted itself into the pattern and weaved it's way back on.

"There. Done." Jocob said, satisfied.

"E372, you may speak." He commanded. My speech module rebooted and I had the freedom to speak again.

"WHAT THE HELL?! I SHOULDN'T BE HERE! I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!" Reese proclaimed suddenly, jumping out of the hospital bed. He ran from the room, carefully avoiding me.


"Let him go," Jacob said, holding out an arm to stop me. "Perfect oppurtunity to use the chip.

Precisely 19 minutes and 52 seconds later, I was told to find him.

"If the chip works properly, you should know where he is before you begin searching." John explained.

The chip worked perfectlly, and for the last 20 minutes, I saw as Reece quickly made his way out of the building and down a hill.

"You have ten minutes. Any longer and you fail. Go" Jacob said, starting a timer.

I thought before I acted, pinpointing Reece's location before bursting from the room. He was at his home. I raced quickly to  my destination, surpassing obsticles easily. I found his house after 2 minutes  and 37 seconds, and lept swiftly up the side and landed gracefully on his windowsill. The window was locked, so I pressed the palm of my left hand against the glass. The glass began to ooze and melt away, and I stuck my hand through the hole and unlocked it from the inside. My left hand acts as a hot plate and can easily heat up to 3,000 degrees celcius, while my right acted as a freezer and could easily cool to -2,345 degrees celcius. I opened the widnow and landed silently in his room. 7 minutes left. I made my way out of his untidy bedroom and decended the stairs. I found his mother at the bottom at the bottom of the stairs. "You're her, aren't you? You're Kira? You can't have my son!" She screeched unnecessarily. I ingnored her, trying to locate Reece's exact location in the house. The basement. 5 minutes. I rushed past the woman and down the basement stairs.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are." I said in a voice that didn't belong to me. It sounded normal. Reece didn't recognize the voice, so he, of course, revealed himself. 3 minutes. I grabbed Reece quickly and ran from the house, lifting him easily.

 I made it back to the institution with 57 seconds  to spare.

"Now, now Reece. You musn't run. Not now. Not ever." Jacob said evilly

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