Cant love your baby girl

Its been 12 years since Liam joined One Direction. He's having the time of his life doing what he loves to do with the lads. What happens when Liam finds a baby girl left in a basket on his front door step? Left with nothing but a note saying, "Please take care of my baby and raise her as your owen. I will try to come back and get her. Sincerely yours ...." Will Liam take the girl in as her owen or will her try to help the little girl find her mom? You'll have to read it to find out.


6. The baby girls name is....

Louis's pov:

"We should name the baby luck." They all turned and looked at me with big round eyes. Then Zayn spoke up, "Louis not to sound rude or anything. Um.... but... Why Luck for the baby's name?" All of the boys leaned in a little closer to me. "Well I thought she should be called Bluebell because she has very blue eyes and she seems like a special little girl. A special little girl should have a special name to. Don't you think guys but if you guys have names for her. If you do that's great my name was just an idea."


I watched then as Harry's cheeks flushed red as he said, "I like the name you picked out Lou." I smiled at him and laughed a little bit to. Harry was so cute when he acted shy around me. Liam spoke up at last braking our little aqword silent moment. "I like the name to Louis. You know what that's what ill name her. Bluebell." Niall looked down at the sleeping child in his arms. He whispered very softly in her ear. "Did you hear that? Your new name is going to be Bluebell. I bet you like that name a lot." Then he took his eyes off of Luck just long enough to tell us that he agreed with the name.


"She looks a lot like a Bluebell to me. Hey Liam are you going to give her a middle name to?" He asked going from cute to curious. I could Liam had to  think about this for awhile. "I don't know Niall. Thanks for asking me. What do you guys think? Should I give her a middle name?" We all shook our heads yes as if in since. I started to brain storm a hole bunch off names when Harry said, "Why don't you make her middle name Lily."


I said her whole name out loud so every body could get a feel for it. "So her name will be  Bluebell Lily Payn?" Liam thought about

this for awhile and then said, "Yes that will be her name."

Then Liam took the now wide awake baby form Niall's arms. He said, "Welcome to your new home


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