Cant love your baby girl

Its been 12 years since Liam joined One Direction. He's having the time of his life doing what he loves to do with the lads. What happens when Liam finds a baby girl left in a basket on his front door step? Left with nothing but a note saying, "Please take care of my baby and raise her as your owen. I will try to come back and get her. Sincerely yours ...." Will Liam take the girl in as her owen or will her try to help the little girl find her mom? You'll have to read it to find out.


3. Shopping for my baby girl

Liam's pov:

We had just finished shopping for the my new daughter. As we wore leaving the store I got text form  Harry, and Niall. *Text convo (Niall)*

Liam: Hey Lou what's wrong?

Niall: Do you know what she likes to eat?

Liam: Um.. Baby food.... she is a baby Louis

Niall: I know that I just don't know what flavor to give her. I know no calamine she is highly allergic to that.

Liam: Just try different ones and see what she likes

Niall: Okay thanks bye

Liam: Bye

*End of convo (Niall)

*Text convo (harry)

Harry: Hey um...Liam she wound't stop crying so I changed her dippier, feed her, burped her and put her down for a nap

Liam: okay, thanks harry

Harry: Np Liam I just wanted to you know to know so you wound't wake her up. bye the way Liam....

Liam: Yes, harry?

Harry: what's her name?

Liam: idk

Harry: O okay well bye

Liam: Yea bye

*end of convo (Harry)*

Louis's pov:

 I looked over to Liam who seemed to be trying to figure something out. "Liam what's wrong?" He looked up at me and said," What, O nothing I was just think about what harry said. He asked me what her name is. I just realized idk what it is so im trying to think of a name for her." Zayn looked at us now with carouse eyes. "You should name her star." Liam seemed interested by this. "Why is this Zayn?" "She looks like a star to me." He said holding his head high.


Liam smiled at the ground. Just then I the perfect name hit me. I decided to wait until I heard what the others name for her where.




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