Cant love your baby girl

Its been 12 years since Liam joined One Direction. He's having the time of his life doing what he loves to do with the lads. What happens when Liam finds a baby girl left in a basket on his front door step? Left with nothing but a note saying, "Please take care of my baby and raise her as your owen. I will try to come back and get her. Sincerely yours ...." Will Liam take the girl in as her owen or will her try to help the little girl find her mom? You'll have to read it to find out.


12. I dont want to go!

Blue bell's pov:

I went down staris with uncle niall. He was holding my stuff for me. I walked up to mommy and said im ready to go. Niall brought my stuff out side and was about to put it into the car. "I got it uncle niall but thank you." I gave him a hug and he siad, "I wish you didnt have to go. i swear blue bell that if you could stay we would lots of fun every day. YOuwould tour the world with us and i would take you with daddy to go and meat the lads and we would all have a balst together. Blue bell.....come back and vist soemtime okay?" I wiped the tears from my eyes. "Okay niall ill come bakl and vist sometime." He smiled and went back inside the house.

I went up on the porch. Now here came the hard part saying good bye to daddy. He pulled me into a hug and said with teary eyes, "I love you bule bell. Mack me proud." I huged him back not wanting to let go. I knew that if i let go i had to leave. I looked up at his brwon eyes and said, "I love you to daddy."

My mom came out side and said, "Are you ready  to go?" I looked at her and then at daddy and the house where i had grew up where niall was. "No." I said under my breath. My mom looked at me and said, "sweety speak up mommy cant hear you." "I said no mommy i dont want to go with you. Im staying with daddy liam. You gave me up and he took me in when no one would. He raised me as if i was his kid. You had your chance to have and you gave me up." Their were tears in my eyes as i ran back to liam.

"DADDY DADDY!!!" i yelled as ran back to him. He got down on one knee and scoped me up in a hug. "Daddy i want to stay here with you and niall." He smiled and said, "Welcom home Blue bell."

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