2. The meeting

Lily's pov- 


it was about 11:30 but the job centre didn't close till 12:00so I had enough time .But when I got there it was closed there was a sign saying it closed at 8:00 as there were not enough workers I mean they made me come out at 11bloody 30 for nothing I mean for god sake .I decided to go to the park that my mum used to take me to when I was little .When I got there my friend foned me so I decided I would sit down and take the call so I started running to the bench...


Nialls pov- 


on the way back to the studio I decided to go to the park I used to go to so I told zany I told him I'd race him to the swings so I started running all I herd was a girl scream then I fell to the ground .I stood up then helped the girl up she yelled "ouch ,ge.."she paused then screamed "oh my god it's Niall Horan f f from one direction " " sshhh" I said"it's alright did you hurt yourself ?"just my ankle I think I've broken it "she said .i offered to take her to the hospital and she agreed yey a hospital!!!(I really hate hospitals ) 

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