1. Me !!

Lily's pov-

When I was 7 my mum died of cancer and since then my father abused me.Well maybe I should introduce my self (I mean how rude of me ) hi my name is lily I am 20 and I need a job !!! There is still one thing I need to say I have the direction infection !!! When I was17 I saw one direction on the X factor and I totally fell in love with them . (my favourite is Niall he is so sexy !! God damn it)





Nialls pov- 

the boys and I have been in the studio for 6 and a half hours I am shattered "I want to go hooooome" I complained "Niall we need to get this done come on "Harry replied "Harry please can we go home it's 11:30"zany stated "yeah come on Harry "Louis and Liam said in unison .finally Harry gave in "ok come on let's go "he sighed 

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