Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


6. Who are they and why do they look like us?

Edwards POV

I sat down at the Cafeteria table. Alice and Jasper joined us.

"I heard there's a new group of students here" Emmett said. Alice sat up straighter.

"There can't be. I would have seen that" Alice said, startled by this news. I checked everyone's future, nothing showed new people.

Great more people to prank- Emmett

I wonder what they look like, i hope their nice- Nessie.

I hope they're nothing like what Bella was- Rosalie, obviously didn't want them to find out about us.

"Wow they look just like the Cullens" came a human thought. Instantly I looked towards the door as it opened, my family doing the same. Everything fell silent. There stepping though the door was a human, but she looked exactly like Rosalie. My jaw dropped

Oh my god- Rosalie thought, stunned.

But then I noticed a heartbeat, her eyes were a stunning silver. Then behind her, people looked just like our family. Who are they? Why do they look like us? Behind the girl that looked like Bella, I stiffened. Jane. Or was it? She had a fast heartbeat, probably nervous, and silver eyes just like the rest of them. What were they? All those questions filled all of our heads. Yet I couldn't hear their thoughts. They looked over to us; there was a look that confirmed something of what they needed to know, on their faces. What was it? It was like Bella all over again. Only this time i was taken and there were a few more.

"I'm guessing not standing out is an impossibility" Said the girl who looked like my wife, to the Jane look alike. I couldn't stop the glare when it came to the Jane looking girl.

"You got that right" She whispered back. Then they walked down to the far table. I turned back to my family

"Who are they?" Rosalie whispered, too quietly for a human to hear, to me.

"I don't know. Their thoughts are silent" They all looked at me. "Jasper can you get a read on how their feeling" He shook his head. We shot them a glance.

"What is she wearing?" Alice muttered, looking at her look alike, who was wearing denim jeans, a long red and black check shirt, the sleeves and knee length boots. Something that Alice would never wear. Also the major difference between her and Alice was the hair.

"First day and we're top news" Emmett's look alike said, and then stuffed his face with his food.

"Don't even try getting me to eat that stuff" Emmett whispered, looking over at that table. Rosalie's look alike slapped him across the back of his head. Just what our Rosalie would do.

"Hey!" He dropped his food, his hand shooting to the place where Rosalie look alike hit him "What was that for?" As if he didn't know.

"Eating like a pig. Slow down." She scolded then took a bite out her own pizza. Rosalie wrinkled her nose.

"Still can't believe you hit me" This caused my wife's look alike to roll her eyes.

"Where do you think they came from?" Jasper said. His eyes fixed on to the person that looked like himself. They don't smell like ordinary humans either. I sniffed too. He was right. The scent that came off them was very weak. Almost non-existent. They smelled different too. Not completely human and not at all Vampire or werewolf.

Daddy do you think they were sent by the Volturi. Nessie thought. It had been almost 7 years since they came. I shook my head hesitantly. I had a feeling it wasn't them.

Oh. Are we going to tell Grandpa and Grandma? I nodded. I got back to eavesdropping onto their conversation

"So Dakota what lesson you go next?" Said Bella's look alike to Jane's look alike. So she was called Dakota, not Jane then. But Dakota had buried her head in her arms, sleeping.

Throughout lunch me and my family listen into their conversations. They mentioned a few people, but none i recognised in anyway. Who were they ran through all of my families minds.

"Kristen, wake Dakota up. The bells about to ring" Said Alice's look alike to Bella's look alike, so mystery girl has a name. We watch as Emmett's look alike, along with Alice's dump their stuff then leave. We all turned and watched as Kristen poked Dakota. She didn't react.

What is she doing? Its looks fun - Emmett said, picking up note for some unsuspecting sleeping humans. I suppressed a smile as Kristen did it again but harder.

"She hasn't died as she" Jasper's look alike said, standing up to get a better view. From what it looked like he was taking all the effort not to smile, making him look a lot more like Jasper who didn't smile unless he was completely happy or stuck in the room full of happiness or something similar. Jasper and Emmett snorted in amusement then Kristen pushed her hard so she fell off the table. The humans didn't notice of course. Everyone at our table turned away and burst into silent laughter. Emmett having visions of doing this to Jane was funny.

"How is she still asleep. She wasn't drugged, was she?" Kristen asked, after calming down from laughing, so we weren't the only one. Rosalie's double picked up Dakota's empty can and sniffed it, then shook her head.

"I'm not surprised. Maybe we should take her to the hospital or something" Kristen said.

"Here let me" My look alike said, scooping up Dakota. It was strange, watching a person who looks almost the same as you; pick up someone who looks almost like your worst enemy. Kristen huffed, glaring at Dakota's prone figure. They walked past us.

"Do you think she'll wake up of you tip water on her?" Rosalie's look alike said, a water bottle in her hands. Instantly I saw where this was going.

"This is going to be fun" Emmett whispered, catching on. Everyone nodded then the doors burst open and Kristen ran back into the table they were sat. She slipped her cell phone into her pocket, just before everyone heard a shriek of fury, Then Rosalie's look alike ran in

"Blond hair fury is coming. Take cover" She shouted then ran behinds Kristen, laughing. Rosalie's had shot to her hair. Then the door smashed open and Dakota Stood in the doorway. Looking like a pissed off Jane, covered in water

"Uh oh" Kristen said. "RUN" then she and Rosalie's look alike sprinted off to another door

"WHERE?" She shouted back.

"ALASKA" Kristen shouted back as they turned a corner, Dakota following on their tails. My brothers snorted. Nessie laughed. Then my look alike sidle in, and over to the table they were sat and pulled out a notepad when Emmett's and Alice's look alike came running in. His arm wet.

"What happened? I just saw Kristen and Nikki getting chased by Dakota down the parking lot" So that's what she was called. I wondered if they shared a last name.

Nikki? - Rosalie questioned in her thoughts.

"Nikki poured a bottle of water on to Dakota."

"Ohh" They both said at the same time, then sniggered.

"And I'm guessing Nikki tattled on Kristen's waking methods" he nodded.

"Man, they're both in trouble. Bu knowing Dakota, She'll get bored and give up" Emmett's look alike laughed, folding his arms. "They are so not going live that down when I'm around" So he was just like Emmett in some ways then.

"What you doing?" Alice's look alike asked.

"I'm going to send a note to the office that should send a word to the teachers that they either might be late or they won't show. I won't give a reason." He muttered then finished what he was writing.

Just then the bell ran, making some of the students jump.

He's in you next class Edward, try and find out as much as you can. Alice thought, I nodded and walked through the doors to Music class.

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