Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


12. What's happening to us?

Kristen POV

I watched as Liz when to open the door. Almost laughing then she swore but i knew i should have felt sympathetic. ugh i was still hungry. I got up and when to the kitchen, Peter was fixing up a large sandwich. Hadn't he already had one breakfast. He looked up when I entered.

"Is Liz alright? I heard her say words that weren't exactly PG" He asked, spreading mayonnaise on top of the salad then put the top bread on.

"She's just banged her wrist on the way to the door, Nothing life threatening. Why have you making another sandwich?"

"Ashley stole my last one" He muttered disappearing up stairs. Again rude. I soon realised my I had forgotten why I had come in there in the first place so I left and walked into the living room then froze. I Instantly knew who the extra person was. I didn't know she would look almost exactly like Liz. Esme Cullen and Elizabeth turned at the same time as I walked in. I froze for a moment before changing what I was going to say.

"Okay, I went into the kitchen for something. I forgot. Can any of you remember why?" I asked, trying not to sound startled or shocked.

"Food?" Nikki guessed from the sofa.

"Oh yeah" I recalled, my stomach growled. "I had breakfast already. Lunch" How could i forget. "What did Taylor get" I was already across the room to the dinner table, there on the table was a white plastic bag. "He knew me so well" I said, pulling out a polystyrene box, filled with chips.

"Ohhh chips" Nikki said, her head appearing from the other side of the sofa.

"Want some?" I asked, holding out another box. She nodded, trying to stretch. I sudden idea flicked into my mind. Amusing to me. I came round the sofa then placed it on the other side of Nikki's miniature table, just out of reach.

"Now that's just cruel" Liz commented, fighting a smile, trying to act stern. I turned to see Her and Esme looking at me. If I didn't know better I would have though they were twins. The only exception was the eyes. They were even standing the same.

"but entertaining" I said, flashing a grin at Nikki's attempts to reach it. Just then i heard some feet run down the stairs. Julia ran in. Wearing a pair of Jeans and a long and sleeveless shirt that had a picture of a grew wolf.

"Chips. Who said-" She stopped when she saw Nikki then started to laugh, her hands on her hips. "whose idea was this" She grinned.

"Mine" I said proudly, ginning.

"Good one for the books. Now lunch?" She asked, rubbing her hands together.

"Plastic bag, table. Hurry, Before Ash gets it all" I said, sitting down next to Nikki. That was a mistake because she snatched my own out my hands. "HEY"

"Two can play at that game, Sucker" Nikki grinned. I scowled at her.

"You bitch"

"No that's Julia" referring to who she played.

"Hey" Julia said, offended, glaring at both of us from where she was sat.

"Liz she stole my chips" Now turning to Elizabeth. Both her and Esme were fighting grins.

"You did put her food out of reach" Liz reasoned. Nikki grinning triumphantly. I sent them bother venomously glares. Liz flinched but Nikki smiled, making me more furious. "One more word young lady and your grounded" Elizabeth said.

"Ha ha" Came of Nikki.

"has anyone seen the TV remote?"Ashley asked, searching under magazines and things. A silence filled the room, Elizabeth flushed red.

"It's in my coffee" She admitted. Everyone's eyes looked down to the floor, there by her foot was the coffee cup with the remote half in half out. I fought a laugh behind my hands

"Nice" I laughed, picking up the box of chips from the miniature table and began eating it again. "I guess you won't be drinking that again"

"Oh ha ha" She said, picking up the mug, the remote still in then threw it all into the trash.

"I hate this channel" Ashley whined, looking at the tv. it was some dog training program.

"No wait" I said, grinning. "We can use this on Taylor and Julia, a positive version. Chocolate. Give them a chocolate when they good then eventually they start doing this subconsciously to get one" Everyone laughed. Esme cracking a smile, her eyes sparkling with amusement.

"You do still know im here, right?" I blushed red, how could I had forgotten Julia was still in the room.

"Opps" I said, crossing my legs, looking away.

"Not very subtle, are you Kris" Nikki grinned, sparing Julia a glance, finishing off the chips. I stuck my tongue out at her.

"We still have Taylor" Liz grinned.

"Whats his favorite chocolate?" Ashley said, joining us.

"You are not to say a word to Taylor" I said, looking at Esme.

"My lips are sealed. I'm Esme Cullen" She said, smiling.

"Nice to meet you. Oh and FYI we may need to change the conversation if Taylor comes in. He left again didn't he?" I said, addressing the group now. Julia nodded, sitting down next to Esme, holding a note pad and was looking at the Tv, jotting down notes.

"Wait where Peter, he needs to be here" Liz said shooting out her seat then disappeared.

"Now this, im going to enjoy" I said, grinning as I saw Liz drag Peter into the room, even with one arm. I watched closely as Esme jaw dropped. Man that must be awkward. Seeing someone who looks just like your husband being dragging into the room.

"Now back to business" Ashley said, taking over.

For the past hour Ashley went into detail, but half way though Esme had to leave, claiming she had house work to do. I knew for a fact that she was going to tell any one who was at the house. But i knew she had enjoyed her self here, probably going to tell Rosalie what we were doing. I knew she would love that. Now we all had a bag of chocolates near by.

Suddenly the door crashed open. I jumped and ran over to the door. There standing in the door was Jackson and Robert, supporting Kellan between them. He didn't look well at all. It also seemed that the two men were finding it hard to support him, as if he was too heavy.

"Kellan" I gasped, running over to help pull them over the threshold.

"Just dump him on the sofa" Jackson gasped as they started to drag him. I touched Kellan's wrist, surprised to find that it was stone hard and a few degrees cooler than Roberts.

Liz pulled out a blanket and a pillow and set it under Kellen head as he was laid down, But as soon as he was on the sofa, it sagged under his weight. Dakota scurried on.

"Whats the matter with him?"Makenzie said, entering the room with Taylor, she must have been out with Taylor to the shops

"I don't know. He was fine till lunch, he said he wasn't feeling well but after lunch he wouldn't get up. It took us ages to get him to move. It seems like he was getting heavier." Jackson said, exhausted, sitting down next to Nikki who had to move so there was more room on the couch. Like a sudden wave of heat washed though me, leaving me feeling light-headed. i felt my self sway. I stumbled over to a seat. The world darkening before I could reach it.

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