Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


10. What are you doing here?

Nikki POV

I stayed sitting where i was, the pain in my ankle and wrist was fading now, thanks to the pain relief i was given. I had a cast put on my ankle now. A brace put on my wrist, my arm had been cleaned, dressed and bandaged, all my cuts have been cleared up as well.

"How long we're going to be here?" Ashley asked, from where she was sat. Carlisle looked up. I just wished he would not hang around and listen into the conversation.

"A few more hours" I tittered. The boys and Dakota had taken refuge to a chair, next to us. I soon realised the Mackenzie foy had joined us in this world, Silver eyes and all.

"Whan did you get here" I said, surprise leaked into my tone. Mackenzie looked up at me, from where she was sat, braiding her hair.

"This afternoon, I found my self wandering near Liz's work place" She said, and continued to braid her hair.

"When did you get a job?" I questioned, turning to Elizabeth who was conscious and was listening to her iPod. She didn't hear me. I looked at Peter who sighed and tugged the head phone off her ears.

"What?" She said, clearly annoyed.

"Squiggy over there has a question" He nodded over to me. I sent him a filthy look at the nick name.

"What?" She questioned again, and turned to look at me.

"When did you get a job?" She paused her music.

"Well I got a job in a store, nothing big." She said and stuffed the head phones back in.

"Touché" I muttered. I heard Kristen groan. "Ahhh Snow white's awake at last. Thought you died." I said, cheerily.

"Shame" I heard a voice whisper, almost so no one could hear.

"Sod off" She muttered then shot into a sitting position. She then checked her arm, which was in a cast, Her thumb, which was in the same cast and her cuts had been dressed. "Dakota" She said in a sweetly sickly sweet voice everyone knew to avoid. Dakota froze. But Dr Cullen seemed intrested on what might happen, he glanced up from what he was reading. Liz pulled the headphone out her ears and paused it.

"Yes" Her voice wavering.

"Come here, I just want to whisper something" Dakota didn't look convinced. "Please. It would help the broken armed girl a lot" She pouted but my mind flickered back to what she had said when she next saw Dakota. She edged closer, a folder in her hands as protection.

"I wouldn't if i were you" I called as Dakota enter three feet from her bed. But I was too late and too fast, Kristen hit the folder away and with her good hand, made contact with her left eye.

"uuff" Dakota leaped back, falling to the floor.

"You should have seen that coming "Liz said, sympathetically.

"What was that for" Dakota cried, holding her eye with her hands. Dr Cullen leaped up and called a nurse for a bag of ice then bend down and helped her off the floor.

"I can guaranty a black eye tomorrow" He said, examining Dakota's eye. "You've got a hard punch" He said, looking at Kristen, eye brow raised.

"I've been waiting to practice on someone" She said and looked away. The nurse came in with the ice.

"Best if you put some ice on, it will reduce any swelling. but other than that i can't do much else" She said, handing the ice to Dakota who put it over her eye, glaring at Kristen with the other.

"I kinda think you deserve that" I said, She turned her angry glare to me


"Well for starters we would have had to walk home which could have ended us by dying of hyperthermia. If you never left us in the parking lot then we would never had to call Liz and be in an accident. Reliving us of all this pain of trouble. And for you a black eye" Kristen said, glaring at her now.

"She does have a point" Mackenzie added.

"Wait, we all could have died, Dakota being the one to blame" Ashley said, eyebrow raised. I nodded.

"Oh come on. Leave the poor girl alone." Peter said, standing up. Dakota sent him a grateful look. But then he added. "You can continue this at home on who's to blame, if you so wich but not here. It's highly embarrassing" He said, sending glance at the nurse who were coming in and checking on them along side Dr Cullen who had stayed in the room. Dakota's look became a one-eyed glare. "Its more affective if you used both eyes" He said and ducked, missing getting hit with the ice she had thrown.

"Enough with the jokes. It's seriouly getting on my nerves" Liz said, straightening up on her bed.

"Finally some who agrees with me" Dakota said, picking up the ice she threw.

"Don't think your off the hook. Your grounded"

"WHAT You can't ground me"

"Why not?"


"If we keep talking about it then you'll be grounded longer" Liz snapped, glaring at Dakota, whose mouth had fallen open. She then huffed then stomped out the room.

"Misery Guts" I muttered.

"She'll lighten up. After a while." Peter said, then pulled a few coins from him pocket.

"I'm getting a soda. Anyone want something?"

"I'll have a soda too"



"Water for me"

"I'll have a coffee" Liz said.

"Decaf" Rob added quietly, pointing to her, "I'll have a soda too".

We all gave our orders and him and Jackson when off to get the drinks and the bag of pretzels Kellen ordered.

They came back half an hour later, their arms full but it equally got spread around. But after another four-hour we finally left the hospital. Us girls either on crutches, walking or in a wheel chair, like me, since I had a sprained wrist. I knew for a fact this was going to speed though the town. Peter had called in at school and said we all us girls (minus Dakota) were staying at home to heal. The headmaster totally agreed. Man tomorrow was going to be dull.

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