Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


8. Trip to the hospital, what fun

Rosalie's POV

We watched as our doubles left. Except Kristen and Nikki. Who had been left behind.

"It looks weird doesn't it" Jasper said, looking at Nikki. "I wonder how Carlisle will react. I had a feeling there's someone in that family who look like him and Esme" I nodded in agreement.

"From what he said, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, are his adopted sister, Kellen Lutz and Jackson Rathbone are his adopted brothers and Some people called Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth reaser are is parents but the not together."

"I'm guessing this Peter and Elizabeth look like Carlisle and Esme." Bella said. Nikki was on the phone to a woman, I suspected it was this Elizabeth. Behind them Ashley, was it? was sneaking up on the two unsuspecting look alike. I almost laughed as Kristen jumped, and fell into the snowy concrete while Nikki Jumped up.

"ASHLEY" They both snarled at the same time, glaring at Ashley who was holding the wall for support.

"This is better than TV" Alice mused, smiling.

"Yeah just because your look-alike jumped Mine and Bella's look-alike" I retorted. Then we all looked back to the trio on the wall.

"No Liz is coming. Then i'm going home to give Dakota a black eye" Kristen said scornfully. I had a feeling she will not go against what she said. I had a sudden vision of Bella punching Jane in the eye. Edward laughed.

"Nice one Rose, only Bella here would get away with it" Edward chuckled.

"Its something i've always wanted to do. I figured that Bella could do it since she's immune to her gift..." I trailed off.

"You know i like the sound of hitting jane, Not the Idea of the Volturi coming after us again." Alice suddenly when still just as a car came into the parking lot. I almost gasped. The driver looked almost exactly like Esme, But the eyes were the same silver as the rest of them.

"Ah finally" Nikki said, jumping into the back seat.

" took you so long? Nutjob over here's making me pull my hair out" Kristen said jumping into the front seat next to Elizabeth. Then they drove off.

"Don't you dare Emmett" Alice snarled, turning her head in Emmett direction.

"NutJob" Emmett laughed but then suffered a blow to his arm. I winced sympathetic.

"Emmett, honey" I said, smiling. "I won't stop her if you call her that" He pouted. Alice Gasped, her eyes not seeing the present.

"Their going to crash"


"The look alike they're going to his black ice and a bump. Their going to crash" She said then split into a fast human run. Then i heard it. The sound of a distinct crash, that repeated itself twice before stopping A loud continued sound of a car horn. Then suddenly it came into sight. The Car was totaled, the windshield had smashed and was now littered alongside the icy road, bits of metal had come off the car and was also scattered a crossed the roads. We all ran to the car, The people on the highway who had seen the accident had now stopped and were coming up to see how they could help.

"Alice phone Carlisle, 911" I shouted, going over to Kristen's side of the car. I reached out and touched her neck, to make sure she had a pulse but i could hear her heart anyway. Kristen didn't look that bad, her left arm was either broken or fractured, the skin on her hands were scratched, probably from the windshield. Yet with all this blood it did not smell. Well it had a slight scent but like her scent it was very washed down. I didn't know What extent Elizabeth had but she had the head on the steering wheel, completely limp. I reached across and pulled her away from the wheel.

"Kristen are you awake" I said as I saw her head move slightly.

"" She slurred. I looked at the others who were helping the others out the car. Jasper had cleared out some snow and laid his jacket on the floor, which Ashley had taken refuge to. He looked slightly panicked.

"It's okay Jasper, The bloods not effecting you" Nessie said, then put her hand on his cheek. He nodded and walked towards the crowds of people.

"You need to stay awake. We're going to take you to the hospital now" I told her, then I opened the door and lifted her out. Her eyes snapped open in surprise.

"Get the other out" Edward shouted, Emmett ran to the other side and pulled Elizabeth out the car. About two miles away i could hear the sirens from the police cars and the ambulances. Kirsten's eyes started to droop, she was going to fall unconscious.

"Kristen you need to stay awake" I said, shaking her shoulders gently but it was too late.

"What happened" came Chief Swans voice. He and the paramedics were running up carefully to us.

"I don't know. They must have hit black ice then a bump, which must have caused the car to flip" Edward said. Charlie nodded, the paramedics pushed their way though. He did a double take when he saw Kristen.

"Whos that. Why does she look..." He trailed off, looking at all the conscience. Now his mouth was hanging open.

"let's get them to the hospital first" I said through clenched teeth, picked Kristen up again and put her gently onto the stretcher. We all made our way down to the ambulances, When they were in I also when in, I didn't know why but I was allowed. I was glad I had my medical degrees.

"Emmett take my car back with Alice" I said as the doors closed. 

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