Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


9. Surprises at the hospital

Rosalie POV

The tide to the hospital was long, since it was icy the wheels would slip. When we got there Carlisle was already waiting, his eyes drifted down to my clothes. I looked down, and was surprised to see blood on my jacket, shirt and trouser. Alice and Esme are going to have a fit. Alice because i ruined the clothes and Esme because she doesn't know the situation.

"I'll explain later" I quickly said at vampire speed so no one human would hear. He nodded. I quickly helped the stretcher out and walked beside it to the hospital. I watched as Carlisle's jaw dropped, then he saw the girls on the stretchers

"Who are they" he asked weakly, looking at the woman who looked like Esme

"The woman is Elizabeth Reaser. The one who looks like Bella is Kristen Stewart. One that looks like me is called Nikki reed, and the one who looks like Alice is call Ashley Greene. Their new to the town. There are more of them, but i have a feeling they look like people we know. There's a girl who looks like Jane, but her names Dakota Fanning"

Carlisle nodded slowly as we walked into the ward. Doctors and nurses were waiting. As soon as each injured person was by a bed, they lifted them off.

"Okay who are these women" A nurse asked, standing next to Elizabeth and looking at a clip board. I repeated their names out to everyone one. Soon the doctors started to check them.

"Kristen has a broken arm, she'll need and x-ray to make sure, a concussion on the side of her head, a fractured thumb, and a series of cuts along her head, neck and left shoulder, that should heal fairly quickly." I wince sympathetically.

Carlisle was examining Ashley. "Elizabeth has a dislocated wrist, a fractured probably broken thumb, an x-ray to find out, like Kristen a concussion but in the front of her head, Probably from when her head hit the steering wheel. Maybe a few bruises from her seat belt. A gash on the side of her face, i'll need to stitch it" Another doctor said, pulling out a needle and some thread.

"Ashley has a broken rib, probably from the seat belt, alongside those bruises., a sprained ankle and a broken nose. Not bad compared to the others" Carlisle said. I just stood watching as they got to work

"Nikki has bruising on the side of her head, along with some cuts, a gash on her arm, probably from the broken glass. A broken ankle and a sprained wrist. But its best if she had a x-ray"

"Is there anything i can do" I asked, Carlisle looked at me.

"No I'm afraid not. Why don't you go home and change, tell Esme what happen and I'll be late home" Carlisle said, then turned back to his patient. I turned to walk out the door but the door burst open.

There running in was what looked like a second Carlisle, soon followed by Dakota, the boys then three people who looked like Jacob, Leah and Renesmee. Every single of them had silver eyes.

My jaw dropped, so did Carlisle's, the Nurses and Doctors who were with us, their jaw dropped.

"What happened" He demanded stopping in front of us. Robert rushed over to Kristen, Jackson to Ashley, Kellen to Nikki, I think it was Peter, to Elizabeth. Yet Peter didn't seem fazed by seeing Carlisle, but something registered behind the eyes. The same thing though all the silver eyes. "I believe i asked you a question" He said directly to Carlisle.

"They were in a car accident, the car hit black ice then a bump then flipped two times before landing on its wheels" I said a quickly. Peter nodded stiffly.

"Owww" Came a groaned from one of the girls. It was Nikki. "Don't tell me. Liz crashed the car" Nikki's eyes fluttered open. "Peter, why are you so silent" She demanded, her voice stronger.

"You...told me not to tell you" She glared at him from where saw was laid. "Whats wrong with me now"

"You have some bruising on the side of her head, with some cuts. Also a gash on your arm, a broken ankle and a sprained wrist"

"Crap. No wonder my legs kills" she groaned again.

"Excuse me" I said, i had to go now.

I felt them stare as I pushed past through the people and ran to my car, at a human speed then raced home. Avoiding others cars if I could help it.

Esme was waiting on the porch for me.

"Alice has told me what happened" Esme said as I stopped the engine, "is it true that one looks like me" I nodded.

"Everything but the eyes. But they all have a heartbeat and blood running through them"

"I think this year is going to rather interesting" Nessie said, coming up next to me.

"I can't imagine another me with silver eyes" Esme said, after a few moments of silence. Nessie frowned then touched her face. "Alright that's different"

"Anyway I'm getting changed" I said and exited to my room, where some clothes were laid out. Alice

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