Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


1. Dispperance

Kristens POV

Finally! Part one of Breaking Dawn was almost complete. Just one last scene, which was when I 'wake' up from my 'transformation' into a vampire. Gosh I hated those contacts. Now I knew why the others complained more. I jumped off set and ran to my changing room. I striped out of my costume and into my normal jeans and shirt. I pulled on my leather like jacket and shoulder bag with most of my things in and left the changing room, I kept my make up on, but took the horrid contacts out. Robert (Pattinson) and the others were waiting outside.

"Hey what's up" Most of them were still in their costume but all had their contacts out and in their box, in their pocket. "Why you all dressed up? There is no night scene is there?" I asked, I was sure there was no night scene, we only had the last bit, right?

"Naa I'll get changed in a minute, I was just checking something" Peter (Facinelli) said, snapping his phone shut.

"Well i just change out of my clothes I like the makeup thought" Ashley (Greene) Said and disappeared with the other girls so i was left standing with the boys who didn't seemed bothered. I took a deep breath and lent into Roberts arms. I stared at the fake forest in the building. Well actually the set of the Cullen house which had been built inside a warehouse that had a fake forest around it and even a garage. Of course all this would get ripped back down to pieces and used for other things. Soon it was the end of Twilight. Elizabeth (Reaser) was the first to arrive back, soon followed by Ashley and Nikki (Reed).

"Ready to go?" Elizabeth said, routing through her bag.


"Oh guys, tomorrow be here at 10 o'clock please" Bill (Condon: the director)

"Kay" We all exited the set and down to the cars. Suddenly i tripped and topped to the floor. But before I could hit the floor, a tingly sensation ran through my body then everything disappeared.

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