Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


13. Couldn't we at least have a normal day, of course not.

I jolted awake. I kept my eyes closed as I tried to gather what happened. So car crash, Hospital, home, bed, morning, breakfast, lunch, Esme Cullen came round, dog training program, Kellan ill. Me fainting. Well that pretty much summed it up.

I soon realised that I was flat on the ground. Also there was an eerie silence. Slowly I sat up, I felt different some how. I couldn't quite place it. The world soon came into focus but it looked different, more clear, defined. I flexed my fingers, Strange? My broken arm didn't hurt. I knocked onto the cast. Nothing. I looked about for everyone else but froze.

They were all lying flat the ground. Peter was lying by the door way, Liz was next to the sofa, Nikki was still on the sofa, Ashley next to the Tv, Julia by the table, well she had slumpped on the table. Kellan was on the Sofa too, Jackson too but was dangling off the side. Robert I soon realised that was next to me, his arm around my waist. Outside the door way I saw a head, lying on the ground. Taylor. I looked about for Mackenzie and Dakota. Dakota was curled up underneith the window, her back touching the radiator. Mackenzie was next to Peter.

I slowly sat up, cautious not to give my self a head rush. Just then i heard a groan, I looked over to see Kellan stir, then shoot into a sitting up position. He looked widely around before his silver eyes caught mine.

"W-what happened" Kellen croaked, his voice cracking. I slowly stood, he did too.

"I don't know. After you came in, I fainted, i just woke up now" I said, my spine cracking loudly. By me feet i heard a soft groan escape Roberts lips and he stirred. "Rob" I shook his shoulders. He jerked up.

"was' happened" He slurred.

"A question I would like to know too" I said, helping him up. Slowly all around us, the others stared to wake up. Again the question was repeated. Till..

"School" Ashley exclaimed looking at the clock on the mantel semed like we had slept well over a few hours Of course we needed to talk of what happened. In a rush everyone got their things, us girls getting the stuff that had been salvaged from the wreak of the car. I hopped into the car with Rob. Then was reversed from the drive.

"Only a few hours" I kept chanting under my breath. I saw Rob's lip twitch as we came into the parking lot. Instantly I saw the Cullens in the far corner of the parking lot. All of them looking at us. My heart quickened as people on the way inside stopped and looked. As soon as the car stopped I jumped out, my cheeks becoming red. Behind us, Kellan was helping Nikki into a wheel chair, much to her disagreement from the sounds of it.

"Oh just get over it, Nikki." Kellen snapped, suddenly angry for some strange reason.

"Kellan" I said in a warning tone, giving him a stern look as well. "You guys go in. I'll be there in a minute" I said, walking over to Kellan who had his fists balled up, he looked uncomfortable and angry. I waited till Rob, took the wheelchair and wheeled Nikki away, giving me a backwards look as he walked away. Ashley with Dakota soon followed. In a heated conversation between the differences between the kinds of hair dyes. Jackson just hung around next to Kellan, obviously worried too.

"What?" Kellan said, plunging his hands into his pockets, his shoulders stiff and his face fixed.

"You angry" Jackson noted, standing next to me. "Why?" I also noticed that Jackson too, looked flustered. I put my hand on his forehead.

"Jackson you burning up." I said, I felt his temperature go up. Strange. I put my hand on to Kellan's forehead. He shuddered, jumping back.

"Don't touch me" He snarled, grabbing his bag and sprinted into the building.

"Whats with the attitude" i said, angrily.

"How am I support to know" Jackson said, walking past me, making me had to jog to keep up with him.

"Jackson, wait" I said, just as he got to the steps. He stopped and turned slowly to me, his face passive. Why was he so angry all of a sudden? Why was I angry too? "How you feeling"

"How am i feeling?" He questioned, eyebrow raised. "Thats why you stopped me? Just to ask that" He made to turn again but I grabbed him from the back of his neck.

"Yes. You feel like your on fire, I can feel it on your skin" I said, holding his wrist to prove it. He wrenched out of my grip, straighting his coat. I balled my fist up, since my other one was out of action.

"I feel edgey-angry-. Like im going to explode any minute. I can't help it" he said, softness coming into his eyes. I nodded.

"I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling it" I said, ever since I had woken up on the floor, everything seemed so different...frustrating even. Also an odd feeling that you get a few hours before you do thow up. "Kellan must have too. The way he's acting is making me what to slap him" I muttered as Jackson came up beside me and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around him. Surprised to feel the heat that seemed to coat his body.

"What?" He asked pulling away.

"Nothing" I said, giving him a smile."Come on. I got to find my boyfriend" I said, pulling my bag over my shoulder as we walk into the reception. But I had an old feeling that settled in my stomach, like something was going to happen soon. But it wasn't going to be pretty either.

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