Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


3. Could things get weirder? Of course they do!

Ashley's POV

Peter Finally gave up trying to drive. The car just carried on, when we hit a red light the car would stop and all that. Till finally the car pulled up a long drive, just outside of Forks. I really hoped this was just a Deja Vu of some sort. It was like...

"Guys" I said, quietly. I just hoped my conclusion wasn't true. "I think...were in the Twilight universe" Things around us matched the descriptions in the book.

"What make you say that Ash" Said Peter, looking me though the mirror.

"Look around, does this even feel like we're in the right world, our eyes are different, I even look 19, and so does all of us, well except you Peter, Elizabeth you look younger." Everyone looked at each other; I guess they didn't notice it.

"Does that mean we have to go to high school" Taylor groaned. I groaned too. Why oh Why. I froze. Wait if we go to high school, and this is the Twilight universe... We might meet them. Man we're going to have a lot to explain.

"Oh crap" I couldn't help mutter. But then I smiled. This would be and interesting story...and movie according to Kellan. I found a notebook and started to write, Ignoring the world around me. I could set it out like a diary.

Dear Diary

Day one in the twilight world, Stuck in a possessed car.

"Wotch ya doing?" Dakota asked. Looking over my shoulder.

"I'm making a Diary of our days are in this world, anyone in this group can add an entry. Like a story in the end. As long as it's not inappropriate and won't embarrasses the others then it's fine. Plus it would keep us sane till we find a way back. There has to be a reason why we're here" I said, tapping my chin.

"That's a good idea, everyone can do one entry a week" Elizabeth said, obviously listening to the conversation. Just then the car stopped suddenly, making Robert fly out his seat. I looked out the window and gasped.

Outside was a large, three story house, I couldn't see the outside because it was dark but it was covered in ice and snow.

"Welcome to you new home. Your keys will be disposed below the wheel" Came a female voice from the dashboard. Everything was silent then a small chink then a pair of keys was dumped on to Peter's lap. Then the doors opened with a faint hiss. We all looked at each other then scrambled out. I waited till everyone was out before exiting the possessed car.

"Just get in. Just get in, Nikki says. That is the last time I'm going to get into the possessed monster of a van" Taylor snarled at Nikki.

"Taylor stop it. It wasn't Nikki's fault. We're out the van so stop worrying" Elizabeth said, stepping in between the two. Taylor stepped back but kept muttering stuff under his breath. "And no muttering" she added.

"What do we do now? Enter the haunted house?" I said, moving so i was next to peter, looking up at the black windows. Peter shrugged but ran to the door and unlocked it with a click. Everyone froze and looked towards the door. "I'll that as a yes then" Then pushed the door opened. It creaked as the door fell back. All i could see was blackness.

"That could have sounded better" Kristen said behind me, I jumped and turned to glare at her. She looked at me innocently then walked through the door, obviously not caring about the intimidating blackness in the hall. I ran in after her but ran into something solid. I landed to the floor with a loud 'uufff'. Like the car the lights were suddenly flickered on as everyone ran in.

"Stupid banister" I said, getting off the floor and rubbing my shoulder of where i hit. Looking about I spotted a bowl full of different types of keys. I froze. Did someone live here? Did we just break in. In the upstairs rooms i heard nothing. I heard a muffled sound from behinds me but i knew it was everyone one else muffling their laughter. I turned and glared at them, but made them laugh harder. I huffed then walked through to the other rooms and turned on the lights. It was a living room, there were a few sofas and boxes, but was covered in white sheets. Odd. It looked as if some moved in. I opened one of the boxes that read photos and pulled out the first. I almost dropped it as i saw who was in it.

"GUYS" I shouted, not taking my eyes off the photo. They all ran in again. "Look at this" I thrust the photo in Elizabeth's arms since she was the closest to me. She looked at it, but her eyebrows disappeared into her hair.

It was a picture of all of us in a large field, laughing, but we were obviously younger, probably 12 years of age. How was this possible? I didn't know anyone of the twilight cast then I was 12. Peter and Elizabeth were also in the picture, obviously younger too. I was really starting to damn the person who sent us here where everything odd and confusing.

"That's new"

"That's it I've gone mad" Kellan said, throwing his hands in the air.

"Or it's just a nightmare" I suggested, hoping i was right.

"God wish it was" Kristen said, sitting down heavily on the white cloth covered sofa.

"The clothes are the right sizes too" Elizabeth said, looking though some more boxes and pulling out an expensive looking shirt.

"I guess that's settled, since there photo of us and the right sized clothes. We live here" Peter declared.

"Oh joy" Julia said quietly to herself. I rolled my eyes and left the room, going up the large staircase. It looked remarkable like the Cullen house on set. Great, knowing the others, we were going to school. But what if I was right? We were in the twilight universe. Is it Twilight, New moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn. There could be a possibility it was after, which I hoped, then we wouldn't screw up the whole saga unintentionally. What if they see us? Would they confront us and ask awkward questions. I was not looking forwards to that. I soon spotted my name on a plaque on a door. Slowly and hesitantly I opened the door.

There was a large queen sized bed, with pale blue covers. There was a double door on one side, my guess was a closet and on the other side was a bathroom. There were a few boxes on the floor. I dumped my bag from around my shoulders onto the bed then started to unload the stupid boxes.

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