Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


7. Class, Cullen, Accident. What Else?

Roberts POV

Finally the bell went for Music. I collected my things, along side Dakota's, Kristen's and Nikki's. I dropped Their things at the off and quickly walked to music class. But it had only just started.

"I was wondering when you were going to arrive. Now which one are you" Said a strict faced woman, holding a composing stick she had a slight spanish accent.

"I'm Robert Pattinson, I'm sorry im late. i had to drop off a few things at the office" I apologised. She raised a thin eyebrow.

"What instrument do you play?" I had a feeling where this was going and that she disapproved of me already. Wanting to humiliate me

"I guitar and piano, and composes my own music and sing" She looked impressed, but tried to hide it.

"For you lateness Mr Pattinson. You can play a piece of your choice, Then answers questions some students may have" I sighed. "You can put you stuff next to Mr Cullen, who you will be working with this year" I looked up sharply to the back, were surely enough, Edward Cullen sat, looking at me intently. I quickly dumped my bag by the chair and hopped up to a piano. I quickly did a minor scale to make sure the piano was in tune then started to play Fur Elise. I was glad i already knew it off by heart.

Finally the piece came to an end and i was met silence. I hopped off the piano seat to go to the chair but I was stopped then the teachers arm shot out. I looked at her, she looked impressed. Her opinion of me must have changed while i played.

"Questions now" She then pointed back to the piano stood, I quickly sat. Hands shot up.

"You" I pointed to a brown hair girl on the front row of desks

"Have you go a Girlfriend?" This caused many girls in the group to straighten up. I smirked lightly

"Yes" the girls awed sadly, "I'm sorry girls if I wasn't dating her then I wouldn't really date much"

"Where did you come from?" Another asked. I looked taken back. I quote sprung to mind,

"Well when a Mommy and a Daddy love each other very much, they decide to-" I started to say but I was cut off.

"No no no, i mean where were you born., where'd you go up" The girl interrupted, blushing in embarrassment.

"Sorry i misunderstood you" I lied, laughing. "I was born and raised in london"

"Cool, Who are the other people " A boy asked.

"Well Theres Ashley Greene Nikki Reed and Dakota Fanning, Their my adopted sisters" i guess we had to act like it too " Also Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz my adopted Brothers. Also i have two other siblings who don't go to this school. Their names are Julia Jones and Taylor Launter. Our adopted parents are Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser but their not 'together'. More like good friends. We all are."

"Where do you live"

"Sorry, i can't you that"

"Why not"

"Because you're a stranger" I said, earning some sniggers. "And i don't want anyone calling round" I added. The girls blushed.

Through out the hours questions were fired at me, so i answered them best i could, most of them lies. Then the bell went. I gathered up my bag and ran from the room but them ran into something solid I fell, but a cold hand grabbed my arm before i could hit the ground.

"Sorry" came a musical voice.

"Don't be. I wasn't looking" I said, straightening up, Edward let go of my arm. I bent down and retrieved my bag, that i dropped. Edward nodded then walked way. Rude. I quickly turned towards the parking lot for my car

Kristen's POV

I sat down. I had run for too long. Also missing my last lesson. Next to me was Nikki, exhausted too. I soon realised that Dakota had left us behind. I knew i should have taken my car. The boys have also gone too, so it was just us two. Luckily Rob had our bags at the office so we go those.

"Hey Liz. Do you mind picked me and Kristen up?" Nikki said, into her phone. They talked a few times before Nikki hung up. Just then The Cullens entered the parking lot, they looked around before spotting us then exchanged a few words.

"So Gals" I leaped off the wall and onto the concrete floor. that was going to bruise. Nikki screeched, jumping up, her hand over her heart.

"ASHLEY" We both snarled at the same time. The one said, was now holding her sides, grasping the wall for support. We both glared at her. Nikki started to tap her foot, waiting for Ashley to stop laughing.

"Just you wait, you evil little-" I nudged her in the side, effectively cutting her off from what she was going to say.

"Did you miss your ride too. Believe me it would have been better if you didn't" I muttered angrily at her.

" No. I knew Dakota was leaving without you so i stayed" me and Nikki huffed in frustration. "I knew you would understand" Again, me and Nikki looked at each other. Nikki lifted a finger and twirled it around her temple. I giggled. 'so true' i mouthed to her.

"Are we walking?" Ashley asked, helping me up from the cold, snow-covered floor.

"No Liz is coming. Then im going home to give Dakota a black eye." I muttered scornfully. I felt stares at the side of my face, instantly i turned to see the Cullens looking at us.

"Seriously, am i that good-looking, even they have to stare. Come on, it can't just be me" I knew they heard me. "DON'T" I said, shooting round, finger out to Ashley who opened her mouth. "I go my eye on you" Just then i heard a horn beep. I looked to see Liz's Porsche Panamera drive into almost empty parking lot and park in front of us.

"Ah finally" Nikki said, jumping into the back seat.

" took you so long? Nutjob over here's making me pull my hair out" I questioned, sitting in the front seat, next to Liz.

" NutJob?" Elizabeth questioned amused, and pulled out the lot. The stare of the cullens behind us. There was silence for a moment. "So its true" I knew what she meant.

"Yep" As we slowed the tires suddenly slipped on the ice, But since we were going quite fast we were gathering up speed right towards a give way sign with on coming traffic.

"BREAKS" i shouted, Liz stomped as hard as she could, but that made it worse. The wheels locked, but then we hit a bump. I felt my self thrown forwards, hitting the airbag, but then shot back as the car flipped. over and over again. Pain, flared up my arm, a dripping sensation from my head alerted me that we were on four wheels again. The world started to go fuzzy. I tried to blink away the fuzziness. A loud continuous beep had started. I didn't know if it was in my head or not. I closed my eyes but I stayed conscience.

"Alice phone Carlisle, 911" I heard a voice shout. I felt a cold had on my neck. Then the person moved, probably across then the loud continuous beep stopped.

"Kristen are you awake" I head the voice say, closer this time. I groaned. I felt blood on the side of my face.

"" I slurred, not opening my eyes, i felt so drowsy now.

"You need to stay awake. We're going to take you to the hospital now" I came clear it was Rosalie's voice. I didn't answer. I felt the door being opened then two sets of hands lift me from my seat. my eyes snapped open in suprised

"Get the other out" I heard another voice shout. I suspected it was either Edward or Emmett. i was surprised they had much control. They must have been holding their breath. Sure enough, in the distance i could hear the sounds of sirens, but it was getting duller as my eyes drifted close. I felt myself being shaken, the voice fading as I drifted into unconscious.

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