Stuck in the Twilight Universe- What could go wrong?

The cast from twilight find them selves stucked into the twilight universe. Why are they there? What happening to them and how would they get back, not to mention what they will have to do when things get crowded....


4. Cars, School. Oh Great, What's next? The Cullen's?

Ashley POV

I dumped the last box onto the landing. Well everything was now tidy. I looked at the window, Sunrise. What? I looked at my wrist watch; 6:29. I had stayed up all night? Surely i would have felt tired and given up. But i knew for a fact i didn't fall asleep. I would have made a mess of my make-up. I would need to think on that later. I changed into blue denim Jeans, a long red and black check shirt, which i rolled up the sleeve to my elbows and i wore knee length boots. I took my hair from the Alice wig and brushed it out, curling it in a bit then kept make up on as it was but re-applied some lip gloss. I grabbed my bag ( after filling it with the school essentials) then ran down the stairs (Minding the banister) and into the kitchen where everyone else was. Of course the table was missing a few people.

"Has anyone noticed that we haven't slept?" I asked, sitting down at an empty space.

"This world is messing with our heads Ash" I heard Julia say, sitting down next to me.

"Fantastic" I said sarcastically, but then my stomach wanted the world to know it was there. I had forgotten to eat. Now was starving. I looked around for a moment then started searching through the cupboards. There were eggs, bacon, bread rolls, cereal, yogurt, granola bars, fruit, toast, pop tart. I picked up a piece of bread and put it onto the toaster. I poured myself a cup of orange juice and sat down on the counter, waiting for my toast. "What's happening today?"

"Well from what i could gather from Peter who was rambling, Me and Taylor are staying here. You lot will go to school. And Peter and Elizabeth are trying to find a job to keep them busy" I grimaced. Oh great. School. I had already done enough of that.


I drained my glass and picked up the toast that had just popped up.

"Hey why don't you go to school" Dakota whined, Nikki and Kirsten following her into the kitchen.

"Well for starters you need to make sure that we are in "The Twilight World"" Julia said, adding air quotes. "Me and Taylor will stand out. And I personally don't want to go to school" There were a few angry mutters while the people who just came in went to find something to eat.

"Hey Guys" Kellan shouted, running into the room. Peter looked up from the newspaper he was reading. "What would you do if I told you there are sport cars in the garage?"

"What?" Everyone looked up.

"What would you do if i-" Kellan repeated

"I heard that" i said, cutting him off and ran off. I weaved through the rooms and into the garage. There Under large white sheets, i guessed were the cars. I ran to the first and pulled off the white sheet. Behind me the others joined.

"Kristen this had your name on" I heard Jackson shout from a black corvette, there on the licence plate read Krist3n on.

"I got a black Ferrari 458 spider" Robert shouted joyfully.

"I got a White Porsche Cayenne Turbo" Kellan said, then hugged the bonnet.

Peter got a Red Lamborghini Aventador, i got a Silver Mercedes Benz slr McLaren. Taylor got a Aston vantage v12, Julia got a bmw convertible blue, Elizabeth got a Porsche Panamera, Jackson got a White Aston martin rapide, Dakota got a Aston martin one-77, Nikki got a Black and green Porsche Carrera. And to the side were a few posh and expensive looking Motorbikes.

"Now we can arrive to school with style" Dakota said, grinning and jumped into the driver's seat of her car. I hoped into the passenger size. Wow it was nice, but The door to my car went up. These cars were beauties, i didn't need to know much about it to know how fast they could go.

"Beauty in metal form" I heard Robert say then jumped into his car. Of course we all couldn't go in our own car, we had to be inconspicuous and not stand out, but if the Cullen's did exist, not standing out would be an issue.

"It's time to go, School starts in 20 minutes" Elizabeth said, sitting on the bonnet of her car. Oh Great school. High School. There was a sudden rush as everyone ran to get their bags and into a car. I was glad I had already had mine. Kristen and Nikki piled into the back seats then Dakota pushed her foot down onto the pedal, I felt myself sinking into the seat as we shot out from the garage.

We soon made it into school with five minutes to spare. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, everyone stopped and stared.

"This could have been worse" Kellan said, behind me, I jumped in surprise then glared at him.


"Well there are no cameras or Paparazzi"

"Come on." Interrupted Rob, "It's almost time for class and we haven't got a timetable" He walked off, I saw Kristen roll her eyes, then followed him. I looked at the others for a moment then ran to catch up with Kristen.

"Excited?" I asked her.

"Not remotely. School once was bad enough" She tittered.

"I know how you feel" I said and we entered the building. Robert was already talking to the receptionist who had a hand full of papers in her hands. "You got our timetables?" I asked then took the sheets from the woman. "Dakota"

"Yeah" She push her way through the others. I handed her the paper and started to hand out the others till i had mine. It read:

Ashley Greene

Monday- 1. Maths- 2. Art- 3. English - Lunch- 4. Spanish- 5. History.

Tuesday - 1. History - - - 4. English 5. Geography 6. Art

Wednesday -1. Music 2. Art 3. Spanish- Lunch- 4. Art 5. Science 6. Drama

Thursday - 1.-Science 2. -Geography 3. -English -Lunch- 4. –Art 5. –Italian 6. Gym

Friday -1. History 2. Maths 3. Gym -Lunch- 5. English 6. Drama

Not bad, a bit repetitive, but not bad.

"I got Maths and Art with Kristen, PE with Rob and Kellan, Italian with Nikki, Geography with Jackson, and Art with Dakota too, I have English on my own" I said, glancing at the other's timetable.

"Fine meet you outside the cafeteria at lunch, we have an entrance to make" Jackson said and strode away. We all split up and started in the direction of the Maths rooms.

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