The Boy That Changed My Life

This story is about a 16 year old girl named Katherine. She gets bullied in school. She works on the football team. She has only one friend and her name is Madison. She becomes friends with the team captain. His name is Niall Horan. He is popular and very good looking. What do these to have in common? You will have to read more to find out.

**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


1. Worst and Best Day of My Life

Katherine's Pov...


"Katherine get the hell up!! Your gonna be late for school!"

O yay school. No I hate school. I only like going to football practice. I only have one best friend. So you could call me a loser. Her name is Madison. She is the only on in the world who acually gets me. I'm 16 years old. I go to secondary school. Or high school for Americans. I don't have a mum. My dad and I lost her to cancer. I was only 6 years old. My life has been treibble since. I'm bullied at school. I come home to a bitchy ass father. But lucky for me I don't get home till late because of football. I only have time for school, football, and sleep. I don't have much fun. On the weekends there are football games. I get along with all the guys on the team. But there is one guy on the team that I don't really talk to. His name is Niall Horan. He is the captain the team. He is the most popular boy in the school. Every girl wants to date him. He is kinda cute but not really. He is a really good football player though. I have all my class with him. I have been going to school with him ever since primary school. But one time I was in the hallway, getting beat up, he saw it happening but he just walked away. I got my nose broke over all of that.

"Katherine I swear if your not up in 5 seconds, I will come in there and beat your ass!"

O and my dad is my biggest bully. He treatens to hit me all the time. And he usually does. I have 2 half brothers but I never see them. I never see any of my family. My dad caused a big thing and now my family won't even come around us. My life sucks ass. So I finally get up and take a shower. When I get out I look at myself in the mirror. I have sandy blonde hair, brownish green eyes, pale skin, and I am skinny but not like the gross kind of skinny. There isn't much to look at. I've never dated anyone. I've never had someone ever ask me out. I can see why. I'm not that pretty. Madison say that I'm to hard on myself and that I am pretty. But I think not. I walk to my room and put on the school uniform. I hate the clothes we wear to school. It make all of us look the same. I got back to my bathroom and dry my hair. I put my hair up in a messy bun. I run down stairs and fix myself some cereal. Then I have to fix my dad some breakfast and his lunch. Plus I have to do mine too.

"Katherine did you fix my damn lunch?!"

"Yes dad."

"I wonder if you acually got it right this time."

Ugh! I just wish sometimes that I could just leave for good and never come back here. There is nothing for me here. I want to move to London or The United States. I daydream about going there all the time. But usually the rain knocks me back to my senses. It rains here constantly. My dad walks down stairs and goes straight to his lunch box.

"Thank god. You got it right."

Ugh!!!!! Can he like shut up and pick his face up off the floor cause he dropped it. I go put my shoes on and then I look at the clock and see that I'm running late. Shit!! I'm going to miss the bus. I grab my rain jacket and my backpack. I run out the door and to the bus stop. I look down the street and see the bus turn the corner to got to school. Crap!! I left my lunch. Shit on me!! Why does this always happen to me. I guess I'm going to be late. I pull out my Ipod and start to listen to music. I'm listening to JLS. I love them!! Beat again!! Best song ever!! I start walking. I'm like 30 minutes late. I walk in school and got to class. The teacher says,

"Now were have you be missy?"

"I missed the bus and I had to walk."

"Well that is no excuse. You should get up in plenty of time. Well your just going to have to get the notes from your partner."

Even the teachers hate me! But thats ok, I hate them too. Science. My worst subject. And my partner is Niall. I know that he isn't taking any notes. I walk back to my table and sit down.

"Can I see your notes? Please."

"Yea I guess."

He acually took notes. But I can't read his handwriting. Shit on me!! Today is just not a good day.

"Class put you notes away. Get out your lab books."

I get it out. The teach comes around and gives us a sheet of paper that tells what to do. She gives me a look. I'm just like bitch get a life. And of course I don't know how to do it. Niall asks me a question,

"Do you know how to do this?"

"No. Do you?"

"No. Hey would you happen to know when we get our new jerseys in?"

"Yea I think we may have got them in today."

"Ok good!! Are you going to be at practice?"



"You never noticed me!"

"Yea I did! I'm just kidding."

"Ok I was like for real."


Niall is pretty funny. I start to work on the stupid worksheet. I see Niall look over at my paper to copy. I don't really care.

**15 minutes later**

The bellrings for us to switch classes. Thank goodness. As I'm walking down the hall one of the girls that bullies me has a drink in her hand. I guess she though it would be funny if she through it at me. Well she does. It gets all over me. Everybody is laughing and taking pictures. Niall sees it. But he is laughing too. Im really embarssed. I run the to bathroom. I lock the door and slide down to the floor and start crying. I can't believe that happened. I wish that I could just die! I'm life would be easier. No one would bully me. I hear the bell ring. But I don't care. I just want to sit on this floor and cry. I hate my life! I figure at some point that someone would want to get in the bathroom. So I unlock the bathroom door and run out to the football field. Its poring down rain now. I go to the equipment shed and hide in there for the rest of school. I can't believe that really happened. I don't want to even be here right now but I guess I have to. I don't want to even go to practice today because the whole team will just laugh at me. I don't want to go home either. Madison text me and says,

From: Madison

To: Kat

I saw wht happened. I'm so sorry. Were r u?

To: Madison

From: Katherine

I'm in the equipment shed.

A few minutes later I hear a knock on the door. I open the door and it's Madison. She hugs me really tight.

"I'm so sorry. I wish I was there. I would have beat those bitches up!"

"It's fine, I don't care anymore. I just want leave."

"Well schools over now. But don't you have football practice?"

"Yea but I really just want to go home. But on the other hand football would get all of this off my mind."

"Ok or you could come home with me and Sean."

"No I'll be fine."

"Ok I have to go but call me later."


She walks out of the shed. O yea and Madison has a boyfriend named Lex. He's cool. He is really talk. He can drive, so he takes her home everyday. I wish I had a guy to take me home everyday. O well, I'll probably be an old lady with like 40 cats. I hate cats!! So gross! All the guys are probably in the lockeroom. So I walk to the locker room and I hear coach yell for me.

"Kat! Come here!"

All the guys are like,


I walk into coaches office.

"Please close the door."

"Ok is something wrong."


I shut the door and sit down.

"Kat... some of the teachers came up to me today and told me that you only when to 1st period. And the rest of the day you were absent from class. Where were you at?"

"I was in the equipment shed."


"Because a girl through her drink at me and it got all over me. I didn't have any other clothes so, I just skipped the rest of the day."

"Kat you can't just skip class like that but I understand. I will cover for you this time but you have to know that you can't do that. I will just tell them that I had you cleaning something for the big game tomorrow. But don't let this happen again. Ok?"

"Yes sir. And thank you."

"O and are you ok?"

"Yea I'm fine."

"Ok now today for practice we are only going to go over certain plays for tomorrow. No need to get out equipment for today."


I get up and walk out of the office. All the guys pretend that they weren't just listening to the conversation.

"I know you all were listening. Stop pretending."

"What was that about?"

"I skipped 2-7th hours today. And some of the teachers came up to coach and was asking were I was."

"Ooo So were you?"

"No were just forget about it."

I walk out of the locker room. I go grab my stuff out of the equipment shed and take it back the locker room were all the guys are sitting and listening to coach go over plays for the games tomorrow. He always lets them rest a day before a big game. So I go to the other room were all the other sports stuff is stored. I see a big box full of something. I open it and see the new jerseys. YES!! These jerseys are the best ones the school has ever had. They are green with orange and white writing. It says our school name on it. Then on the back it has their names at the top. There numbers are in the center. And at the bottom it says their positions. I grab the box and take it out to all the boys.

"O and guys the new jerseys came in!"

All the guys are like,


"Kat will past them out."

I get all the jerseys pass out but there is one left over. I look on the back to see who's name it is. It says my name. Well my nickname. My nickname for the guys is "Kat" short for Katherine. It has a number 1 on it and at the bottom it says "The Better Half". I guess that means I'm the better part of the team. Ha Not! They are the best ever. They are as good as the pro Ireland team.

"Ummm coach why is there a jersey with my name on it."

One of the guys says,

"Yea we all agreed to get you one since you are a really big part of the team."

Then Niall says,

"Yea and we all though it would left up your spirts especially after what happened today."

"Like you care! You were laughing your asre off when it happened! But thanks guys. It means alot."

So I walk out and go back to the other room. I was kinda a bitch but Niall was being stupid. But I guess Niall was part of getting me the jersey. I really need to apolozied to him. To the whole team really. So I walk back out and whisper something to him,

"Hey I need to talk to all the guys really quick."

"Ok hurry."

I turn to face all the guys and I suddenly get really nervous but O well.

"Sorry for interrupting again, but I feel kinda bad for acting like a bitch."


"Sorry for the language. Niall I'm sorry for going off on you. Sorry to all of you. I need to be more happy but today just wasn;t my day. I really do love the jersey. It's posibly the best thing ever! I'm so happy that you all took time to thing of me and get me this. Thanks."

One of the guys says something,

"Its ok. We all know what happened. I wish I could hit that girl. But I can't because she's a girl. We all wish we could. But we're happy you like the jersey. And your welcome."

"Good luck tomorrow. I hope you all win."

Niall says,

"Wait aren't you going?"

"No I can't. I have to go home and do a bunch of stuff. I wish I could though."
"Coach you have to find a way to get her to come. We need her. She is part of the team. She is the better half. Who was going to get all the stuff?"

"I don't know. But what if I convence your dad to let you come with us. Would that be ok?"

"Yea that would be great! Lord knows I need to get away from him! I just hope that he doesn't hit........."

Everybody has a surprised look on there faces. Coach says,

"Hit what?"

"Ummm.. Nothing. Just ask him... Ok?"

"Ok I-I'll ask him. And if you can come then wear your jersey."

"Ok.. I have to get home.. bye guys."

They all say,


I walk back to the room and get my stuff. I put my jacket on and my backpack. I walk outside the locker room and then I see one of the girls that bullies me. Great. She starts walking toward me. I try to ignore her but I can't. She comes up to me and starts talking.

"Hey Caturacks you got any money!?!"

My nickname for her is Caturacks. Its something you get on your eyes. Its like a cloud that comes over your eyes. It's really gross.

"No I don't. Can you just leave me alone."

"What did you say to me! I will never leave you alone! Give me some money you little cunt!"

"I don't have any! And don't ever call me that! Go away!"

I try to walk past her but she just pushes me up against the wall.

"Now listen to me. I will call you whatever I want. Do you understand me bitch!"

I don't answer.

"I guess you didn't hear me."

She gets right up next to my ear and yells,



"Your so stupid. Why do you even bother being alive. No one likes you. Your just a dumb little bitch. You only have one friend and I know for a fact that you have money! NOW GIVE IT TO ME!!"


She punches me in the stomach. I lose air. I can't even breath.


She hits me again. I fall to the ground and I'm gasping for air. She starts kicking me in the stomach and in the face. Then I here a door open and someone start yelling. Then I see her reach in my pocket and grab my money. Then she runs off. I see someone run up to me. Whoever it is has blonde hair. Niall. Thank god. It's someone I know.

"Katherine..Katherine..KATHRINE!! O MY GOD!! Are you ok? Can you hear me?"

I still can't get air. So the only way I can answer him is by shaking my head. He picks me out off the ground and takes me into the locker room. He sits me down on the bench. I can tell that he is really scared for me. I finally get air back and answer him.

"Ok now I can answer you. I'm fine."

"Katherine you were just gasping for air and your forehead is bleeding! Your not ok! Who was that girl and why did she want your money?
"Ok hold on a minute. Still trying to breath normal........Ok, she is one of the girls that bullies me. She just wanted some money. I wouldn't give it to her so she got mad and punched me."

"Thats stupid. You need to tell someone about her. She is just going to keep doing that until you say something."

"I can't. It will just make things worst. It doesn't matter. Great I have blood all over my shirt and jacket. And my jersey!! Shit!! I'm never going to be able to get that stain out before tomorrow!"

"Don't worry about the jersey I've that covered. I'll just get my mom to get the stain out for you. I can get her to do the same with your shirt and jacket if you want?"

"No I can do it. I'm used to getting blood stains out. But can she do my jersey. If thats ok with her."

"Yea I'll get her to do it. And blood is running down your face."

He gets up and grabs a towel. He walks over to me and wipes the blood off my face.

"Hold that there with pressure. Let me find the first aid kit... O here it is."

He brings it over to me and I start to open it but he stops me.

"I'll do it."


He takes out these wipe things and wipes it over the huge cut on my forehead. It stings for a minute. but that goes away. Then he gets this bandage thing and unwraps it. He gently puts it over my cut. He was so careful.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No I'm fine."

"Ok... There. Now your good."

"Thanks. I'm gald you came when you did. She would have kept hitting and kicking me till I was unconsuious."

I'm really starting to think different about Niall. He is accually really sweet.

"Kat I want to say sorry for laughing at you today when that girl through that drink at you. I feel really bad because I did. I should have stepped up and said something."

"It's ok. I was just really mad about everything that happened. I was PMSing. Sorry."

"Haha PMSing! Haha your killing me. Don't be sorry. You had every reason to be mad."

OMG!!! That laugh is so cute!! And his smile is so cute too. His crocked tooth. I love it. I think I'm falling for this boy.

"Hey do you want to come over to my house? You can give the jersey to my mom. And maybe you could help me with my homework?"

"Um.. Sure. Yea my dad don't come home till later."

"Ok awesome! I'll text my mom and tell her."

So we get up and start walking to his house. I can't believe that I'm going to Niall Horan's house!! Every girl would die to come to his house. I'm really starting to like him. Lets call it a little crush! No more like a HUGE crush!! The whole way he is talking about how his parents and how he wants to become famous someday. A joke every now then. So we are walking and it is getting really cold. I don't have my jacket on because its like covered in blood and a drink of some kind.

"Hey are you cold, it's getting chill out here."

"No I'm fine."

"Kat your shivering."

He takes off his jacket and wraps it around me. I've never had a guy do this before. I've never had someone be so nice to me. But I feels so good to be cared about. I really wish someone cared for me like Niall does. Or maybe he is just being nice. I'm really starting to sound like a teenage girl. Funny think is that I am.

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