The Boy That Changed My Life

This story is about a 16 year old girl named Katherine. She gets bullied in school. She works on the football team. She has only one friend and her name is Madison. She becomes friends with the team captain. His name is Niall Horan. He is popular and very good looking. What do these to have in common? You will have to read more to find out.

**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


12. Will I Make It?

Kat's Pov...


I still can't believe I made it through! This is so crazy! I get a call from someone from X-Factor saying I need to fly to London. I guess this is when we meet our coaches. 

"Hey Emma we need to fly out to London. I just got a call saying we need to."

"Ok I guess you should go pack all your clothes. Because on the telly they make the contestants stay at the Judges house."

"Yea ok."

I go up to my room and pack all my stuff. I'm so excited to go to London!! I have always wanted to go there! I really hope I make some friends. I go down stairs and Emma is on the computer looking up airplane tickets. 

"Did you find tickets?"

"Yea we leave at 3:30."

"Its 1:30. So we should probably leave at 2:00. Cause we have to go through security and the baggage thing."

"Ok good plan. Its just going to be me and you on this trip. Darren has to work."

"Ok and I never really knew what Darren's job is."

"Oh he is a Doctor."

That explains the huge house.

"Oh ok."

"I want you to know that we are here for you. We are so proud of you for doing this...we will support you through everything."

Wow people really do care about me. I feel so loved and special right now. I hug Emma.

"Thank you."

"Sweet your so welcome. Now we better get going."

"Ok...I'm going to put my bags in the car."

"Ok I'll get the car keys and off we go."

I grab my bags and go out to the car. I put my stuff in the trunk and get in the car. I'm excited and nervous. Excited for London and nervous because I don't know if I'll make it through.

**15 Minutes Later**

We pull into the airport and a guy gets a cart for luggage and he take the car to park it. We walk into the airport and go into the security line. We make it through, now on to luggage check. Everything goes well until we get to the desk to get our tickets. We ask the lady for our tickets and they lady asks us for our names. We tell her and then she tells us that we never ordered any tickets under that name.

"Ma'am I'm sorry but there isn't any tickets under that name."

"But I know I ordered them. I ordered them maybe and hour ago."

"We are sorry, Next!"

O hell no bitch! We are not done talking to you. So I'm standing behind Emma so I walk up to the counter and start talking to the lady.

"Excuse me but I believe this lady ordered tickets to get on a flight to London, England. Now she told you she did. So how about you check that name again!"

"Y-yes ma'am."

She types on her computer and a surprised look appears on her face. 

"Well it seems as if there is tickets."

She prints them out and then hands them to me.

"Thank you."

As we walk to the door to get in the plane.

"How did you do that?"

"Well when I heard the lady say there wasn't any under that name, I got your phone out of you pocket and checked the name. Well you were right, you did order tickets. So I hacked in to the computer from your phone and put the name in again. It worked."

"Kat! How do you know how to hack into computers?"

"Shh don't say it so loud. How do you think I got all that alcohol for my dad? I would either steal it or hack the computer with my phone."

"But your age?"

"Fake I.D."

"You are a clever girl."


You are probably wondering why I let Greg buy the alcohol that time in the store. Well my phone had died and I lost my fake I.D.

We get to the door and the lady ask for our tickets, we give them to her. We get in and find our seats.

"Here's your phone by the way." 

"O thanks."

The plane starts to take off and I just put my headphones in and jam out the whole ride.


Niall's Pov...


Wow this is all happening really fast. My mum comes upstairs and tells me to pack my clothes because we are flying to London for X-Factor. YESS!!!! I finally get to go to London. I will get to meet so many new people. I just hope I can make some friends. I hope I can see Kat too. I just want to talk to her. I get all my stuff packed and run down stairs. 

"What time do we leave?"

"Well we need to leave right now because it will take 2 hours to drive to Dublin. But the flight leaves at 3:30."

"Ok...Wait DUBLIN!!"


"Is there any other flights out to London today?"

"Yea one at 8:30 tonight."


"If you are trying to see Kat again then we are going at 3:30."

"I know. Ok lets go!"

I grab my bags and run to the car. I throw my bags in the back and hop in the car. Mum starts the car and we are off.

**2 hours later**

We get to the airport and we meet up with my dad, grandma, and my brother. 

"Niall I think I saw Kat!!"


"Just kidding!"

"Greg! Don't do that to him!"

"Sorry mum but you should have seen the look on you face Niall!! Priceless!"

"Can I split his head open again!"

"Niall!! Bloody stop it! Can't you to just get along for 2 seconds!"

Me and and Greg say at the sametime,

"Sorry mum."

"Good now can we board the plane without fight?"

Everybody rushes on the plane and we find our seats. I think this is called Coach. Not really sure. I have looked for Kat and I can't find her. She is probably in First class. I will be able to talk to her maybe when we get to London. I hope so.


Kat's Pov...


**7 hours later**

We land at Heathrow Airport. We get off the plane and go to the baggage claim to get my bags. While me and Emma are standing there I look over and notice a familiar face. Niall. Oh shit! I see my bags and grab them real quick. I grab Emma's arm and pretty much drag her with me.

"Can I ask why you are dragging me?"

"I saw Niall and I really didn't want to talk to him."

"Oh ok. Well can you let go we are almost out of here."

"Oh yea..sorry."

A car pulls up for us and we drive to the hotel. Its 10:30 and I'm not tired at all. I slept on the plane the whole time. But I will probably go back to sleep. I'm getting quite nervous about tomorrow. But I really don't need to stress out about it.

**Next Day**

I wake up and get ready to go to Wembley Arena. Thats where everyone meets to see if they get to go to the judges houses. And to see who your coach is.

"Are you ready to go?"


We leave the hotel room and when we get to the lobby I see Greg and he sees me. He walks over to me.

"Kat! Hey!"

"Hey Greg. What are you doing here?"

"Niall auditioned and he made it through!"

"Thats cool."

"I saw your audition and you are an amazing singer! I think you could win!"

"Aww thanks! I just tried my best."

"Well you are really good!"

"Kat we have to go honey."

"Thanks! Sorry I have to go but nice talking to you again. At least this time we didn't meet in a bad way."

"Yea bye."


I walk out the door and into a car that Emma was waiting for me in. We drive to Wembley Arena. 

**10 minutes later**

We get to the arena and walk inside. I see all the other contestants who made it past auditions. A ton of people.

"Everyone separate into groups titled Girls, Boys, Over 25, and Groups."

I see a bunch of girls go to one side, so I follow them. Everyone separates out in the groups.

"Now will all the girls please come to the stage."

We all walk out on stage and see Simon, Louis, and Nicole Scherzinger. I'm really getting nervous. I don't want them to tell me that I didn't make it. I really want this.

"Ok girls when we call out your name please step forward."

They call out several names and then I hear my name called. So I step forward.

"The girl who have step forward we would like to say something.....Welcome to The X-Factor. You have made it through to the Judges houses."

We all walk backstage before we all freak out! We are jumping up and down and screaming. We are hugging people we don't know and saying congratulations to everyone. We are all crying. Our families come backstage and pretty much do what we are doing. Emma runs to me and hugs me really tight.

"I'm so proud of you! I knew you would make it!"

Thank you God!! Now I am going to focus on this but, I wonder if Niall will make it through?

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