The Boy That Changed My Life

This story is about a 16 year old girl named Katherine. She gets bullied in school. She works on the football team. She has only one friend and her name is Madison. She becomes friends with the team captain. His name is Niall Horan. He is popular and very good looking. What do these to have in common? You will have to read more to find out.

**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


16. Surprising Reaction

                                                    Kat's Pov...

I walk out in to the room with the other girls and they just look at me. I don't know if they hate me or if they just don't know what to say to me. 
"Well since no on else is gonna tell her, Kat you did amazing! That was not pitchy at all! Don't even pay attention to what he said, cause he is wrong." 
The other girls agree and I feel special. I'm happy that they think I'm good. I may have more friends than I think here. 
"Thank you so much!" 
We all go back to our rooms and I run to mine to check in Cher. I walk in and see Cher laying down. 
"Cher how are you feeling?"
"My throat is still a little sore but the water and no talking has helped. Thank you for the advice."
"Good and anytime. Are you ready to try again?"
"Yea... I'm ready."
She get up and fixes her hair and straightens her dress. She walks out the door. I hope she does good. I change into a t-shirt and some jeans. I look at my phone and see that Niall has tried to call me. I put on some shoes and walk outside. I see some of the girls laying out trying to get a tan and some are in the pool. I start walking down the beach and I call Niall back. He doesn't answer. I guess he's busy. I continue to walk down the beach. I sit down in the sand and watch the waves roll in and I start to day dream. I can imagine me and Niall at the beach playing in the water. Being all cute and then we like end up kissing. 
I hear a voice and it brings me out of my daydream. Damn it!! I look up and see a guy standing there.

"Huh oh um hi."

"Are you ok?"

"Yea why?"
"You looked like you were angry about something."
Far from angry.
"No I'm fine."
He puts his hand out and says, 
"Here let me help you. My name is Leo, what's yours?"
"Thanks and it Katherine but Kat for short."
"Well Kat I can tell your not from here. maybe Ireland?" 
"Yea I'm from Ireland."
"You look very familiar.. wait aren't you on X Factor."
"Yea I am."
"Yea your the girl everyone talks about. You have an amazing voice!"
"Thank you and really people talk about me?"
"Yea. You really surprised everyone!"
"Wow! I must say I'm really surprised."
"So Kat I would like to keep talking to you. Can I have your phone number?"
Oh lord here we go.
"Look um Leo.. I kinda have someone already. I mean it's not official but I have a good feeling about it, sorry."
"Oh I see.. well I tried. Your very nice. I hope thinks work out for you."
He walks away and then my phone rings and I see it's Niall.

Niall's Pov...
I get out if the pool and go take a shower. After that I call Kat again. 
"Hey! Sorry I missed your call earlier. I was around my phone."
"It's ok don't worry about it. I wanted to tell you that he was wrong about your voice being pitchy. You did prefect."
"Thank you! and all the girls said the same thing. I walked back out into the living room kinda thing and all the girls was like you did so good. I couldn't believe all the support honestly."
"Well that's good! Tomorrow we have to sing in front of Simon. First time singing together."
"Yay! I'm going to watch! and I know you guys will do so good."
"I think we'll do good to. We have been practicing and bonding a lot. These guys are so amazing!"
"I'm so glad you guys are doing good! you guys are the competition!"
"No way! I mean we are good but you need to be signed like now!"
"Maybe..I miss you Niall."
"I miss you too Kat. More than you know. I wish I could get in a flight and come see you but I can't. I'm ready to go back to London so I can see you."
"Aww really"
"The sun is setting and it's getting dark. So I'll talk to you tomorrow hopefully. Goodnight."
"Sweet dreams princess"
I hang up he phone and then I realize what he said. He called me princess!! Omg!! That was so amazing!!

I walk back to the house and all the girls are must be in there rooms. I eat up to my room and Cher is sitting on her bed talking to somebody. She is smiling like hardcore. She hangs up the phone and falls back on her bed smiling.
"Who was that miss smiley?"
"It was my boyfriend."
"You gotta boy! I didn't know that."
"Yea we have been dating for about a year now."
"Aww that's so awesome!"
"So how about you and your boo thing."
"Well before we hung up he called my princess!" 
"Omg!! That's so cute!"
"I know I wish like screaming on the inside."
"Aww that's so great! So I preformed for Cheryl and William and they said is did really well and that they were so surprised I could even sing because I my voice being horse."
"Great!! I know I think everyone was surprised. I'm just lad that's over and we get to find out who made it through."
"That is going to he so nerve racking!"
"I know I'm nerves for it!"
"Me too. Well I'm going to bed so goodnight."

Authors Note:
Sorry for the shorter chapter. I have been really busy with life to be honest. I will tell you this. There are big things coming! Thank you everyone who reads this book an votes! And I started a new book called Love and War. I hope you all will go read it! thanks!

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