The Boy That Changed My Life

This story is about a 16 year old girl named Katherine. She gets bullied in school. She works on the football team. She has only one friend and her name is Madison. She becomes friends with the team captain. His name is Niall Horan. He is popular and very good looking. What do these to have in common? You will have to read more to find out.

**Bad Language**
**Sexual References**


5. Niall!!!!

Niall's Pov...


Holy shit my head hurts! My whole body hurts to be honest. When I wake up I look over and see Kat sitting in a chair beside me. She looks like she's been crying..her eyes are red and puffy.

"Niall!! Thank god! Are you anything hurting?"

"My head hurts a little but besides that I'm fine."

"Ok...I'm going to go find some asprin for your head."


She walks away and I see her phone light up. I sit up and grab it...It seems like I'm being noisy but what if its coach..he needs an answer. I open up her phone and see that its not from coach..its that guy she was talking to from the other team.



Hey is that guy ok? And I wondered that after we win the game..would u want to come celebrate with me? I can drive u home. Please.

No she doesn't want to celebrate with your ass...wait win the game!

"Did you find what your looking for?"

" was just seeing if it was coach."

She walks over and grabs the phone out of my hands and replaces it with medicine.

"Take that and lay back down."

"Thanks and do you know what the score is?"

"No problem and we are losing 4-3."

"In the second half?"

"Yea there is 5 minutes left."

"What!!! I need to go back out there!"

"No Niall you can' need to rest."

"I don't care...I'm going."

I get off the table and start to walk away when she says something,

"I wouldn't celebrate with them even if they did win."

I stopped in my tracks. Its like she knew what I was thinking.

"Ok...One question...why were your eyes so red?"

"Because I was crying."



I know I shouldn't be smiling about that but at least I know she cares about me. I run to our side of the field and tell coach to put me in. Which at first he hesitates but he let me go in. I run right up to Trey.

"I'm fine thanks for asking and she's mine."


"The message you sent her...I saw it."

"O sorry dude...I didn't know she was taken...she didn't act like it."

The referee whisles for the game to resume. 4 minutes left...we have to win. We score 2 more goals and that puts us at 5-4...the highest score we have ever had. Seconds to go and we have the ball. I hear the horns start to blow signaling that we won the championship. Everyone comes run onto the field..hugging us and cheering. All the boys are sing We Are The Champions. This is so crazy. I look for Kat but before I could even see her I'm being lifted into the air by my teammates. I see her and the most beautiful smile is on her face...the guys put me down and I walk over to her and hug her.

"I'm so proud of you!! You all are amazing! I-I'm just so freaking happy!"

As we are hugging, Trey walks over and congradulates us for winning.

"You guys are a really good team and you have the prettiest assistant ever."

I look at Kat and she is blushing but I give Trey a look and he backs away and leaves. My parents and my brother walk over and hug me and say congradulations.

"We are so proud of you son!!"

"Thanks...Oh and this is Kat...Kat thats my dad Bobby and my brother Grey."

"Nice to meet you all."

"Are you Niall's girlfriend?"

"Noooo..just friends."

"Oh..well you are very pretty."

"Thank you...I'll be right back Niall."


She runs over to Trey and starts to talk to him.

"Niall are you there?"


"You like her don't you?"

"Yea and I told that guy shes talking to, to back off but I guess he didn't get it."

"Jealous much?"

"Shutup Greg."

"Hey easy you two."

"Sorry..well I better get back to the locker room so I can get my stuff. I'll see you all later."

I get to the locker room and get my stuff. I walk on the bus and I see that Kat isn't on the bus yet. After 10 minutes she runs onto the bus.

"Kat nice of you to join us finally."

"Sorry coach I wasntalking to someone and I came to get my stuff. Sorry I riding home with someone else."

WHAT!!!!! Who??? Damn! I bet its Trey!

"Come on have to celebrate with us."

"Sorry guys...I have a problem with someone on this bus!"

She walks over to our seat.

"Why did you stare at me and Trey everytime I went over to him and...why did you tell him that I was yours? And hand me my shit!"

Now everyone is staring at us.

"What? I didn't s......."

"Don't even try to lie. I'm not yours!"

I hand her, her bag and she grabs it from me then walks off the bus.

"Dude..What the hell did you do?"

"Something stupid and childish."

"Hey is that dude from the other team?"

I jump up and run to the window. And sure enough...its Trey. They are hugging and walking to his car...his arm is around her waist. Shit I screwed up! She probably won't talk to me now! Nice job Niall!

"Sorry mate."

"I really liked her too!"

All the guys say sarcastically,


I go back to my seat and text Kat.



Kat I am so sorry for telling him that. I don't know why I said that. It was really stupid. I feel like a jerk. Please forgive me. I know that u probably won't answer me back. And u probably won't trust me anymore either. I'm so sorry. :(

After about 10 minutes she texts me back.



I'll see you when you get to school.

Thank god!!! Maybe she's not to mad at me. When we pull into the school parking lot I see her talking to Trey really angerly. Then she flicks me off and starts to walk away but he grabs her arm and turns her to face him. She slaps him in the face really hard. Now all of us are off the bus and we are watching all of this. We should do something but we all want to see how this is going to turn out.

"You are so stupid...I fucking hate you...don't touch me and don't ever text me again!"

She turns around and walks toward all of us. Then he says something,

"Your just a stupid hoe! You could have got some of this!"

Her face drops to a really pissed look and she walks back over to him and kicks him REALLY HARD in the balls. He falls straight to the ground holding himself. Screaming in pain. I almost feel bad for him because that had to have hurt really bloodly bad. And just when we though that was the worst she was going to do she starts to walk toward his car.


Trey's Pov...


OH MY GOD!!! My balls are killing me!! I'm like crying now! Why did I call her a stupid hoe! Really bad mistake. I just wanted to show her a good my pants. I thought she would do it but she just started going off. I look up and see her walking to my car. She walks up to one of the tail lights and starts to yell something.

"Is this breakable?"

She kicks in one of the tail lights. Pieces fall to the ground...before I can even say anything she kicked out another light. I get up very!

" bad!"

Nobody even trys to stop her. I think we are all to afraid...then she opens my trunk and I forgot I had a tire thing in there....Shit!

"You are such an asshole! And this car sucks!"

I start to walk toward her...

"You get any closer the back window will be gone!"

Well dumbass me walks forward and she bust out my back window.

"Please don't do anything else."


"Because I was only trying to show you a good time!"

"By trying to do it with me!!!!"

"Now you see my point!"

She turns around and walks toward all the guys with there mouths wide open.


Kat's Pov...


I feel relieved of alot of anger. I feel light as air.

"You all better close your mouths..might catch flys."

At the same time they all close there mouths. I walk up to Niall and I hug him. I can tell he doesn't really know what to do.

"Niall I'm sorry for getting mad about that whole thing. I was being stupid. I now understand that all you were trying to do was protect me from that loser."

"Its ok....Damn you sure know how to get back at someone."

We start laughing...but that was interupted but a car pulling in the parking lot really crazily. That when I noticed it was my dads car.

"Niall thats my dad!"

"Ok everyone she was never it."

Everyone knods in agreement and Niall and I take off running to my house.

We get almost there when Niall says something,

"I'm sorry for being a jerk."

"Don't even apologize for my stupidness. It's not your fault."

" you have your house keys?"

"Yea..I'm sorry you had to see my crazy side tonight."

"It's ok it was kinda ho...I mean..funny..haha."

"Umm ok and what time is it?"

"Like 10 something."

"Shit! My little crazy spell wasted alot of time. And I don't even have that stuff done that my dad wanted me to do!"

"I'll help you do it real quick."

"Ok thank you so much Niall. You are the best person ever."

We walk into my house and we start cleaning. We get everything done in a matter ok minutes. Niall runs to the door but I stop him.

"Thanks again for helping me do all of this."

"No problem."

He pulls me into a hug and I swear it is the best hug I have ever had. He walks out the door just in time. 2 minutes later my dad walks in. I'm upstairs changing my clothes and hiding my jersey so he won't find it.

"Katherine get down here now!"

O lord help me.

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